Blogger Recognition Award!!


Thank you once again!!♥

Wow!! Another one in a single day!This is my 3rd award in a month and seriously this is like oscar to!I know I am not the best here,There are bloggers who literally write super well,I am just a beginner who hope to sustain this blogging world and come out as a winner.Thankyou   and    for nominating me for this award,,guys do check out their blog,its way too cool!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Write a post to show your award.
  2. Attach the award to the post. you can either use my featured image on this post or use other you prefer .
  3. Give a brief story on how your blog started.
  4. Give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Actually I think I have maundered enough you guys about the stuff as how did my blog got deleted and then how I managed to get it moving on writing is within me I guess,it literally consumes me in the perfect way.Things get so crystal clear if written..emotions are so well-played by using the pen and paper or even laptops today.This blogging is the most astounding thing happened to me,so much to learn and so much to write..everything has been like infinity of happiness.I started blogging to improve myself,to learn from others and most crucially to read all the amazing post you guys have ever written.The idea to begin my own blog was given to me by a very close friend of mine(he knows who he is) as he knew this girl was getting insane with holding all the words and rants in her little fragile heart and since then I have been buoyant.


I am nobody to comment on that still I just have to say..never ever believe what others will say about your writing because here no one is impeccable,we all are learners and if there is anything on which we need to rely is our own conscience!TRUST YOUR WORDS,,YOUR OWN INSTINCTS..

Plan a schedule as to when you want your posts to be published.It will captivate your honest readers and never worry about the number game,you want to worry?.then worry only for good quality content that you feel honest to write!NEVER QUIT!






The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hola,my fellow readers!

My valiant journey started one month ago,and with all your love and support I’ve reached so far that now it feels like this all happened like yesterday only.I would like to thanks  for nominating me for this awesome blogger award.I really don’t feel I am the versatile one,yet my attempt for the same will remain indomitable.I have seen you guys actually loving my blog so intensely that it had my heart and mind blossomed like a happy flower.Thankyou Belle for nominating my blog,it means a lot!


  1. Show the award on my blog
  2. Thank the person/people who nominated you
  3. Share 7 things about myself
  4. Nominate 10 blogs


Ok lets see..if I manage to write those 7 facts..

  1. !I am obsessed like crazy with F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv show!Each season,each episode has been watched by me million times,I have taken online various quizzes and had always won there too..haha!!
  2. Besides,writing inspirational articles I actually never lose my hope on anyone.I have a tendency to go all the way optimistic even if god forbids earthquake happens,and I am about to be digested by the mother earth..still I won’t lose faith!
  3. Big time Audrey Hepburn fan..She is kind of my role model.I simply adore her inner beauty!
  4. Having said point no 1 about myself I would like to add that in reality,I have like 3 friends,as I always had a bad tempo in case of”friends”in reality.Maybe that is why I adore that series to the bits.
  5. Cooking lightens up the spark in my eyes instantly,and if the weather goes all merry I can cook million stuff just in a day.
  6. Addicted to Coffee.
  7. Ohhh..I am getting stuck now on point 7..ummm..ok,so yeah all my school life I hated maths as much as I loved english which still I do you get the level,right?

So that was all guys!Hope you enjoyed my random chapters from the book of my life,(hey,that’s the name of an animated movie also no?nope that is Life of a book..I guess?)but this definitely is my short story,to put in a nutshell!Now the nominees are-


Something about Humour..


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Hola my fellow readers!

There is something about the word HUMOUR,so fascinating and enchanting that every time I think of it,I manage to flash a smile.Things are not like all cookie for me but hey..if there is a problem I do plan out the worst that could happen and in that way again I smile and think there is something humourous about humour.haha!Whosoever invented the concept of cracking jokes or making healthy memes deserves my respect as it really is wonderful stress buster.Each day,all the chaos never fails to turn our lives upside down and mess with our hopes but still there is something about humour as we tend to take time out from all that and manage to mock of all our worries and chill about it,and that is a nice thing to do I believe.I am writing this post today as I was little off lately and its time to dedicate some respect and rant about the king of all emotions…HUMOUR!No,wait..the king of emotions is happiness,I guess?Right?Or,probably they both are just coupled together..well you get it hopefully now?Hush..!

Thing is,whenever you feel anxiety is dominating you or stress is like that piece of heavy stone which can’t be shifted by anything or anyone,there are certain steps that can help you to defeat that.Have a look-

LIVE IN THE PRESENT-Ok,so what better would happen if you keep living in the  past,or keep chanting the horrifying stuff that already has happened,you have your  today now..right now in your hand,and please do not spoil it by just babbling about  the wicked thoughts of past,now by that I never mean to rant about future you know  because lets just say..let the future boxes get unboxed on their own..without your imagination..good,bad..whatever still don’t expect something from future just keep  on your working caps with you each present.

 EMBRACE THE HAPPINESS AROUND-So,I know I am not exactly in your shoes or not knowing what all commotion has happened in your environment,but if for  once we do a little act of kindness to others or even spread smiles to others face,we can actually cuddle the happiness around us and maybe gradually by  being there for each another we can imbibe the jocose air within us.

WORST OUTCOME-Neither of us control our own destiny,but we surely can work   to make it smooth and even if we fail,we can make some alternatives and   backups and  evaluate the possible dreadful happenings that can take   place.Check your future with  your present,eventually you will see things are  just perfect by the end.You just need to hang on!

And lastly,never hesitate to laugh till your belly hurts,till tears start streaming from your eyes..but the happy ones.We have just this one single life and no matter what turbulence you go through it,a period of relaxation will always welcome you to take you forward to a more beautiful aspects of life.YOU DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS,NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU!Till then keep smiling,enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to be a valiant in your own way!

Happy Blogging!:)



Daily prompt-Wind.

In the merriful grinning lush green fields,I remember how you held my hand,the sister’s love is joyous of all,they said;

My white frock laced with frill matched all the dirt,you still held my hand, we went comic together;

We kissed the beaming sunshine on each other’s forehead,promised to laugh together till the heartbeat would stop,then giggled and catched the colourful butterfly,elevated you made me  the winner;

Years have passed by,I sit in my verandah today wearing a white gown,thinking the same,oh,how I wish the wind to wake you up from the grave,instead exchange mine with the same.

Sister’s love is great of all,I wish the wind to whisper that in your fair ear,that will give thunders to my fear.

 Now,I wait for you here,drowned in the memories of your jocund soul,the protection of your colossal charm,the bliss of our glorious past..


Sometimes,I wish..

Image result for feeling lost and alone boy
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I do not wish to be there standing in the vast crowd sometimes,I feel to intake only the pure oxygen..not willing to judge people or pass comments to other’s,I do not wish to take control of someone’s life and decisions either,I am uncertain as to what do I actually wish for?But something tells me today..I wish to have all my past life back in my hands,I know we all should move ahead with new constructive hot dreams and eloquent will power..but can’t I wish to step back for once?Cant I just for an hour go back to the terrace of my house and wish all oblivion stuff for my future once again whilst gazing the moonlight and shimmering stars?Days do not remain constant neither do people,everything begins according to us but sometimes the end is not what we actually aimed for.We get hurt,broken,bruised in the process of evolution as a colossal human,but even giant mountains and rivers lose their vitality in the process of anew discovery that may come in future.Sometimes,I wish to step back,be a child and remain nonchalant and I am not penitent of it.I know,beautiful things may be waiting for me tomorrow but somehow at this moment I do not feel strong enough to think beyond this horizon,I can see a row of ravishing flowers in my future,that is me being optimistic now let’s be realistic for a moment..what about my current heartbeat’s pace?What about the emotions that gushes my blood sometimes swiftly  and sometimes at turtle’s pace?I still remain ignorant as to what my future holds for me?I may be insecure today..insecure about the people I have..insecure about things I may lose and the list goes one and so I wish remain that untrained child that I was as it was the best thing that happened to me and maybe to all of you?

Sometimes..I just wish..

200 followers,1000 likes!

To my surprise,when I checked my blog today in the evening that red mark said I have 200 followers,and I was like ..come again wordpress??But yeah I gained 100 more followers within past 10 days without even realising it.Stats does not gives an attitude to flatter about my community but boosts me up and extends my dimple only and that is why I feel obliged to see honest likes on my blog.I really adore all the wonderful bloggers out there and if somebody actually comment positively on my post it makes my heart blossom only as I know this step of blogging is mere a baby step of mine and I am not flawless.I would like to show gratitude to all those who even had the time to stop by my blog,it means a lot people!THANK YOU,ONCE AGAIN.♥

P.S-I would really appreciate honest gestures,likes and follow back,nobody is compelled to hit that like button as soon as I publish my posts and that too within a minute.READ IT,if you genuinely think I deserve a token of appreciation,you are always more than welcome to my this very valiant journey.(no harm intended).:-)♥

Once again.for all the encouragement and 1000 likes,I am thankful to each one of you out there!


Duality in Human!

The time I blossomed on earth,I was unaware what all this universe had for me.Locked in my own dreams,I know I was always the benevolent one!I never played with any other human,remained coherent.What popped in my mind was always on my tongue,bad or good..still I spoke all true emotions.Now the sensations of human mind bewilders me,intrigues me to know more of it.I adamantly believe in Karma,since childhood and so never try to twirl any other brain,but I see people never fail in vehemently rebuking your conscious or your serene thoughts.They be a flower in front of you and at the back they become the diabolical thorn of that flower.They have this tendency may be due to the blandish society,or due to the cajole trait they inherit from the society,but eventually they do it.And here I lose to understand the chain it forms.Mind games,win or loose,I fail to understand always, as the reason is I know my part that this world actually deserves.In this grievous world already,how can I play more sanctimonious?I deny to be the hypocrite,unleashing others opinion is something that I do but in the most decorous way.I know I have to perceive still a lot,but here I deny the duality that I see in everyone.Peppy talks,coaxed words even if they think the other soul does not deserve it,then why to say it in first place?This duality,is something that makes me jitter.I admonish the one’s who play such destructive game to win another heart.It does nothing besides being a heavy burden to attain peace in all the whims of human kind or worldwide.

Kitchen diaries!

So,today was my lazy day as I was a bit in an off zone and then I realized to bake something(to soothe me a bit),I did not blogged anything for today as I couldn’t be that thoughtful,so I went ahead in my cooking caps today and baked this chocolate biscuit cake!It was a simple one so not much of hard work was required and I was contended with the outcome!Smiles!


Seriously,black cat,blue sea??I have googled enough just to know exactly what actually I have been nominated for!And with all due respect to the ignorance which still persists within me related to this title(I will reblog your million posts,whosoever describes the meaning and history of this title),I am grateful to Anjali Soni for nominating me to this queer stuff!♥😊I found the questions real fun and lets see down below what all I have got for you all to those 3 questions!


The 3 questions bestowed upon me are

1. What is the silliest funny memory from your childhood?

Ok,as a child I was really reaaalyy innocent yet extremely chucklesome and my all day activities would be as I recall silly only!😯 the most silly would be that I would make toys out of clay and soil(bachpan ke mitti ke bartan)in the hot sultry afternoon and would leave them out thinking the rest of the job will be executed by the sunshine,and it will make it perfect and ready,ignorant I remained to know that the actual solution was FIRE..,and I continued this activity for crazy number of days!lol..😞😷

2. If you have a day to enjoy everything at Mall for free, at which section you’re most likely to be?!lately I have been drooling over the cosmetic sections and really wish to have all the Chanel yes if free it is then I am not sane to go for a cheap brand..nope!CHANEL,I am all yours in that case,besides cosmetics I would love to go crazy for the crossword section of course!(Indian book store chain).😍

3. You wake up and you find that the world has turned into your favorite movie/novel fantasy. What would be it and why?

To be honest,I do not have anything much for movie in that case but if it counts I shall go for fantasy tv-series- VAMPIRE DIARIES😍!Oh jeez,I simply am irresistible to this show.It would be so cool and spooky if I wake up one morning and everyone around me is either Elena or Daemon Salvatore,and I am newly turned vampire,under going training to control the thirst for all the blood-drinking!(I would prefer to be a proper,benevolent vampire though..)😀

My questions-

1-One supernatural power that you wish to have?

2-Any real spooky or haunted experience that you had ever?

3-One thing you would like to change from your past?

And finally the nominees are-

I wish all the very best to the nominated bloggers and if you come to know the meaning of the title,let me also know!!:)