A new leaf..


It’s the human tendency to let people down,to disappoint them,after all imperfection is what embodies us!The very disdain thoughts ignites in each soul out there,copious in implementation and acrimonious in deed,which is nothing but the shattered soul trying to be scornful and bewildering to others heart.We,human are like a plant having number of petals..fragile we become if our ends are unattainable.People are in state of melancholy,denial..not ready in state to untie the knots of hatred,insecurity and what not?The branches of trees produces those small green baby leaf which is an all-pervasive trait,declaring the meretricious aura about itself,not forgetting that one day the branches will shade away..the leaf will be left like ashes.

So if a leaf dies,is a new leaf not born?Hope ignites among the trees to develop another leaf which could be the mere attainment of companionship ,hideous as an extolling burning desire.The not up to scratch leaf dies conquered by the heavy storms, the natural bruises it gets inflicted by,and the untold human miseries it goes by,still the quench to remain incongruous is not blown away by the wind up there and the corollary gives a sweet birth to a verdurous green baby leaf.

The human soul’s are embellished by the mirth of taking vengeance,the fire remains ablaze and the minds aberrant!Alacrity to move on will not develop only if you flourish to posses the most abominable ambience for others..

“the old sorrows when die,a new leaf develops,so step out of the darkened room of your’s and embrace the glorious uprightness..



4 thoughts on “A new leaf..

  1. This analogy with the leaves of the tree is very inspirational. Yes, the fire of pain can ignite the mind that it can create new.Recently, also wrote an article on pain: the purifying fire. In that article, the thought was almost the same but the analogy was different.

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