I saw that lake flickered.

IMG_8149.JPGAs I stood amidst In the arms of prepossessing capturing picture of the divine nature In an alluring hill station In India,some thoughts start befuddle my naive mind.I know as for now I am simply the owner and creator of my life.I have seen enough darkness,the gloominess..how out of the way it has been.As soon it was dark there,the sudden lit lights flaunted the extreme stunning acerbic beauty of the once gone black lake.WOW..I exclaimed!So this Is what life Is?I wondered.

People would always be in the zone of adulation,if you are jovial,but once the admiration and excitement is over,who stands there for us?We do long for that optimum,infallible everlasting souls to be there for us just like this light which perfectly beamed on that water lake.The lake was same as in the morning.But,it was the essence and faithfulness of the lights that actually propped up its sheer blissful grace to everyone,including me.I stood there for hours just adoring that quiet serene moment.It made me go all drooling over it as the water and lights perfectly married each another.

No matter how head-strong I become,the urge for seeking that static person for myself will never go in vain.I long that jocose invincible “one”for complete me.It’s like the part where i want my sheets of boredom,bewailing thoughts to get unveiled by that “one”..

I know the glance of this specific scenic beauty which my eyes are getting proud of is only till the darkness has covered the lake.So will the person for whom I am longing for, will just vanish In the morning as the natural light would hit the waters?No!!Lets go back Into the past..the night time when I was just extolling the bond of the waters with the flickering lights.I know I felt boisterous In that moment.I want to stand there only trying to dig deeper anew thoughts.I want to get lost there itself!Nothing more.


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