shutterstock_156284201.jpgWho am I?A supernatural personna?or God?No!I am only a human,so what all people can expect from me?Beginning my day from 7:00am and working throughout the day itself takes a lot of resoluteness and sometimes I am running out of steam!So,as I begin my day I swear to myself not to hurt any living soul for the day or neither to act supercilious.All I long is some contentment as I perform my daily tasks,be it cooking and sharing the world of kitchen with my mum or be it gaining deep insights to this catastrophic world.I try each day to be a better soul and be of some constructive nature and useful soul to others.I try to remember all the morals and virtue as expected by others,fulfilling all the empty souls outside and being the only ray of hope to others.still,I make mistakes and I accept it.I may add extra salt sometimes to the recipe or act out of wilderness but I need to remember in the end when the day ends I am only a human and it’s okay if I make mistakes.And the best part that knocks my heart slowly is that I know as the day will end I will be realising certain glorious anew strange facts of life..I will be focussing on my that mundane personality due to which I may have acted doltish and in a nonchalant way.So,the deal with life and we human is that it’s okay that we make mistakes,till the part we realise our sinful flaws!It’s not always vital to act as a perfectionist,yes..a perfect soul exists all impeccable but only in dreams.My thoughts and activities are not all flawless shining like a star..yes,I have acted blatantly in past and I might continue to do..nd I am comfortable as far as I make any categories of mistakes for I know the sole fact that even great god’s have made mistakes in our own culture.People will always continue to be expecting something beautiful out of you..it’s like they have a born authority to expect from you and judge you,but giving a side way to all that..move on with your traits,your own instincts..your dreams!As they will keep on making adamant remarks only to make you hollow but it’s your attitude to deal with it and so be flexible to the world.Mistakes is what makes us complete..like a child is child as it is expected from him to behave out of innocence..so nobody can declare that yes,that specific person is like an unwanted aura,as others might think the same for him!You never know?!Carry on your mistakes and always keep making the most abnormal,dumb choices!All of us at time have been empty-headed,lets not deny it!




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