My ‘alpha’ love.

1439667541-53.jpgCHAPTER 1)where it all started:

Lets fly back to that reconstructing time when my folks got enrolled myself to this non-convent school directly from a convent in order to complete my high school.My previous school was really a bliss to me and the secret was that it was a girl’s school,so no etiquettes followed  and no girl-boy gossips actually knocked upon.I was a happy soul,trust me!But apparently the enormous life-turning decision of my life was made and that was to join coeducation!Pheww!It was not like I was a calm and a reticent being,neither was I petrified by the new faces specially the male gender.It was a situation in which I had to land my foot, no matter what!

So as I entered this building which was actually smaller than my first one,I saw a huge crowd entering their respective classes.I thought I was misfit their,initially.Entering my class I saw a different study pattern,different horrifying faces.”oh jeez, I want only the girls sitting next to me and talking”gasped me!Days went by and it was time for me to give my ears to all the chaos that went for ‘that new girl’,which was then that I heard the evergreen grapevine about a guy in love with me.”Okay,I actually do not have to worry about it,maybe,it’s just an abstruse phase which would eventually pass”That’s how I sympathized myself.Few more days went by,and I had started noticing my name scribbled all over the study desks..and it was not just my name,it was my name and his surname combined!My friends told me all about how that guy has been drooling all over me and that he wished  no acrimonious intentions or beliefs..they warned me about how much he actually loved me,yet I would go all berserk.

As time passed, our unsaid glances were all turned into a blossoming friendship and as expected I always knew somewhere deep down my heart that his heart palpitated only for me..yet I was all nonchalant.To me I was a naive girl who could never do well in love relations..I was too fragile to handle any thing involving risks..maybe I was not as intrepid as him.HE unlike me was a very tall guy whose big eyes sparkled like a well lilted candle spreading that ray of hope perfectly announcing how forthright that soul can be.He never actually participated in any of the school functions yet had all the charm and innocence like a small li’l boy.It was easy to fall for that reticent yet adamant guy as I had known him.And guess what?finally i was in love with HIM!Deeply!

chapter 2)Those awakened nights:

So all through my school life I have had a habit of seeing him as a demure yet a stubborn guy and I had started to notice this trait of his in many of the dissonant conversations he would have with the faculty.“Hey,why don’t you just talk in a nice way to teachers”?ranted me.“it’s not my freaking fault,and I am just like that..part of my nature..”he demanded!It was the christmas break when something cracked my mind off..

oh,its amazing how he loves me and adores my beauty each single day..the way he compliments my dimples is so mesmerizing,the way he takes his hand softly , gently leaning his  big fingers on my dulce hands just to hold it was beyond the ocean of utter chimera.But why is he so demanding?why is he so possessive for me?Its not like..I have a thing against it,but i thought initially he was all  biddable and an easy to go person..and now,things seem little off maybe..maybe i need to hold my horses!

Our upcoming days followed with all the love texting..the infinite expressions of love for each another and of course the bantering compliments from our mutual friends.I blushed and felt immensely complete with him.The nights would be something for which I craved since the morning like a small girl demanding her dad to buy all the toys of the world as she is curious and enchanted to play with it and all this longings was just to be with him on phone throughout the complete dark-starry night.It felt exceptionally astounding to be lost in his praises for his ravishing voice!I had known by that time that all the upcoming days,months years..he is going to be my only love..and nothing can be done about it.My nights were radiant all because of dimples expanded even more running all over my petite face just because of him.I also remember how we used to fight about the fact as to whose dimples are more adorable or whose eyes more gleamed and without doubt he always made me a winner always ending the arguments by telling me that no one on earth had the power to defeat my it inner beauty or my outer one,I will always be his dear darling..his first faithful love..his dutiful wife..and again I would melt into his arms with my watery eyes..eyes that were now filled with my love for him so dedication to him so naive that it all seemed insuperable..

I had all my reasons to show reverence to him,as he had proved his strong passion for me through various instances by now.It has been 3 complete years with him by now and we both only loved each another as if it is the first day of our evolving stupendous emotions..

Chapter 3) A blessing in disguise:

I had never imagined that getting pure bond and getting lost in love can be so breathtaking,all my days were now only for him and his for me.He treated me like his precious queen..never being bestial about my insane acts but only getting lost more deeply in my cute  little kids like habit.He loved it! He loved only when I would silence would break his heart as he would think what wrong has happened to his little baby?

Now came the part of him when he had actually started to tell me how all things are done,basically before I could even realize he had taken control of my thoughts..he completely held it..and i went more friable in him..In the beginning I was a lot of fallible as he exclaimed,but trust be what he wanted of me was as gargantuan as  counting the infinite stars in the sky.

He literally went berserk now for my small mistakes in our bond..and would often be bawling on me to which I cried more and more..He became so demanding…only had I known..that after the argument would end he would call me to him with all his stern yet joyous voice,his sweet big eyes..his evergreen charm..his evergreen love for me..aahhhh..he had enticed me completely now..

Chapter 4)A new personality:

I was sitting on my favourite chair in the cold winter’s beaming sunshine and enjoying one of my books,sipping hot coffee as to when my phone beeped,I took out my cell and went through the text.It was him..”hey love,would you like to go out with me for this new movie”?First I was reluctant to say yes as I had to take approval from my folks..but ehh who cares??Its him after love!“yeah..sure”I replied!

On the way for our first movie date in 4 years..we had our first blistering fight.I said something which was not entertained by him,this was when I had started noticing how far is this guy controlling me?Is it right of him?Does this happens in love?My mind was going nuts with all the blithering thoughts it could have imagine.I have seen couples who would rave above “feminism”..”male domination” and what not..”giving space to each another” and so it was obvious for me to be on the fence all about this new love life i had encountered.Well,our first movie date in the beginning was a dark horse as by the end he had managed to crack me up million i sat in his fancy car,he had touched me by now slowly melting in me..taking his hands in my curls and playing with it.He looked in my eyes and said”You should know..what is liked by me, are my precious and I  expect you to be there for me always and never pitch your voice with me baby” he remarked this softly in my ear..he held my waist more perfectly..trying to feel all of my soft skin..he held my face with his thumb and index finger,this time whispering something more deeply in my ears..“you know what?You are all mine..Remember that”!As he made himself perspicuous about his true emotions to me,I was a bit scared..scared because no one before has said something to me so lovingly yet demandingly..i was all baffled by now.“Is he joshing me  up to do something evil?naahh…how can I feel so?There aint even anything more beautiful than him?? this his theory of loving me??desiring me?owning me??

As for now I had learnt all that he wanted from me..his like and dislikes..I learnt by now after going crazy in love with my guy for all these 7 years..MY GUY IS AN ALPHA!!

Chapter 5)How it all ends..

Being with him was like believing my true self..he had by now made me a different person yet not changed me just restored me!Today I take proud of my love..I will never forget the countless nights of warm hugs and kisses that he bestowed upon me..all the immense and beatific love that he has showered is like Cock and bull story..I know my man is the in charge of me yet that doesn’t changes the fact he doesn’t wants me to smile or let me be myself..he still somehow manages to make me smile and compliment me each and every single day without fail!aaahhh…oh how does he manage to do that?to love me that much?

Yes my man is my only criticizer..I fight with him and I make up with him only..he controls my space,my mind and my complete soul..Its not petrifying me anymore..after being 8 years with him,I have seen all the goodness and gloominess with him only..we are meant for each another as no one else can see him the way I man has made me impecabble.I have seen now all the traits of my personality slowly getting twisted into him..I have seen me getting evolve.He has loved me like i am the only sweetest angel he could ever possess..I do not care now how stern he can be at times or how his alpha traits are responsible for his this part..nothing matters besides the fact..I am purblind by his love,lost in his his melodious sweet voice..I take proud in him..I always will..He demands me,possess me..loves me to the core.YES,MY LOVE IS AN ALPHA..AND I ADORABLY ACCEPT IT!


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