Ofelia had finished doing the dishes,putting them right back to the kitchen stand..they were all flawlessly clean and reflected her dreary thoughts distinctly.”do not forget to wipe the dinning table,dear”!exclaimed her mother from behind.

Ofelia was almost done now from the household tasks by now and now her vivid eyes were about to hit the sacks.She could not forget the brutal,blatant wounds inflicted by her former husband.Those insecure nights,the intense shivering of her soul due to accosting  aberrant emotions bestowed on her had made her nothing but her heart throbbing like the intense cuts on trees made by an axe.

Once Elan her soul had gone all demarcated by the insane norms,the perceptive mind was all gloomy.She was shattered.And now she had started to make turns and twist making all the possible geometric angles on her bed,she was unable to sleep.Countless nights have passed by and for once she couldn’t come out of the musty black dark box declaring her nifty mind.

“Damn you bitch,you uncouth soul”,Matt’s word remained persistent and echoed to her very soul and mind..it had shaken every nerve of her!Ofelia had seen his extreme brutality to abysmal.She remebered how her jet black mascara would run from her eyelids to all over the apples of her once sparkling cheeks and then entering straight to the opening of her mouth as she inhaled hardly.The red lipstick would apparently turn pale,the teeth constantly  kept on  biting the red lip.She eventually started to long for more oxygen now,it seemed as if no living being could hear the distinct sharp cry she made within.Once beaming radiant as moonlight,her eyes were impair screaming for glorious petals of glee,a bit of mellifluous soul she wished.

Accepting the fact,how excruciating the pain felt lying on her bed without even blinking her eyes she now walks out of the dark room and heads towards her once favourite childhood place..her balcony..she walks there hoping to see the same greenery her soul could find!As she sat on the red chair,she demanded her inner darkness,the morbid thoughts to appear in reality and go vanishing with the dark clouds somewhere deep in the black sky..somewhere so deep,not even the brightest moonlight could perceive it.

Her  thighs had the cross marks running from inner thigh to outer one.The soul had shouted for some love  indeed all she had were the gruesome red marks on her arms..marks on her back as if some supernatural creature might have attacked her very tender and skinny perfect back..Ofelia’s love for backless dresses as a consequence was  all over.

She sat in the balcony in the arms of dark starry night there,the wind blowing has made her hair go all berserk by now drifting her middle hair partition to her right.The cold wind was like a hot chocolate to her,it comforted her..her body, but not comforting enough to drift the pain inside her throbbing heart.As the whole world continues to slumber upon,she feels a little amusement to see her beloved orchid plant grow all this time vividly.The sleek distinct purple petals was matter of joy to her eyes..as a child she had planted enough of orchids starting from the entry of her house and extending to all the inner corners of her mammoth debonair home.“some plants have got bruises due to the heavy downpour from last light”..but look they still maintain to be the biggest source of blithe to me..”.She wonders.

After spending a good 2 hour in her favourite place,Ofelia had established enough valour to turn back and to take a step ahead to her bed..she knew that bed would be not be a bed of roses to her,it would pierce her every single nerve..contaminating it..consuming it!She still moved on knowing the attainment of pursuit of happiness needs her voice..her audacity to accept things and then change the things.The munificent orchids have taught her to accept the bruises she has now and still be shining like the only brightness that could defeat all the very darkness once existed.Her soul is only her’s and nobody has the power to destroy it or shatter it into pieces,she will make her voice her biggest asset and her actions will be only accountable to her now.So she moves forward now,finding a little solace and charm to defeat the oblivion..she lies on her bed now ready to be her own hero.






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