Words in air..


Left, right..up,down the whole unconquered row of words are there,unbeaten,unshaken!The flattery of the words is mesmerizing,abstruse to comprehend.The letter A,P flows like a free bird right there,above me..in my space wanting to get deciphered into bright new horizons.The words are demanding to be used judiciously,emancipating it from the ostensible zone to a pragmatic zone,wondering the lustrous word PEACE to be found of those letters separately.Then there are letters like H,E,P,O..if put rightly what all untying of the ruthless conflicts that persists in our minds can be done.More higher I see,a new stack of letters ready to burst,crack..The whole bunch of grey clouds are getting a voice to speak.The letters up there are dissolving to bend over backward.Hush..hush hush..i hear the solemn,pervasive squeaking chants of glinty formed words..the words in the air.Oh!how the illusions of cliché words have made a connotation of uncivilized bonds,no vitality is shown to the beatific words that can be uttered..Seamless sorrows can be combated,burn..made vanish in the magnanimous profound sky.



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