Human I remain,blood flows in my vein unknowing what the future box holds in it for me,another human expects something from me.I lopped off my own burning desires of mind that once were all jubilant in itself but today that human wants to put the brakes on my own evolving anew thoughts.I breathe every moment only to know I am to die tomorrow,so I make headway with the driveling strong passionate hankering thoughts that preoccupies my head,I breathe,I burn,I do not predict from other human.

I do love my dear ones,reverence I feel for them so I know they will always want me to keep my chin up.I incessantly work only on my bond that I have for them,and they shall not need ever to expect something from me.Forecasting from others would be saddening,squeezing out their own built hopes and desires.Reckoning,if I shall do,what will that make me?People have their boxes of choices,their own thirst for new lessons to discover.I shall not pause it,instead I will continue to love,nurture the relation as then the person would love me back the same.


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