The new bride.

I woke up today to the tune of my wedding bells around,gregarious now I am supposed to be.All my years of kaftan clothing will be judged now first,I am the new bride today!Performing rituals,thinking about him first shall be my motto from today,priority will be his relatives rather mine.As I do my makeup now,random thoughts from my past knocks upon swiftly,adorably.My mother did my hair till 12,she remained impeccable all these years for that,my father accepted all the flawed meal I cooked for him,happily he ate,smiling face.Now,I need to be indomitable in all the whims of my life,entertaining other souls which once I did to myself.I shall be performing numerous relations besides the perfect bride,unknown for now..enigma remains.Walking with dignity,approbation for others,and my life begins to fickle now.I am done with my makeup now,gorgeous attire hugging me tight which shall be my only partner till I enter that house.All has been done now,I look decorated,embellished enough..enough for his love maybe!I begin to walk now,towards my new new secrets to be unleashed from now on..I begin to catch a glance for him now,edgy I feel inside,quivering inside.First step..second step..I begin to see him more closer,for a moment I close my eyes,terrified I feel.All the edifying lessons remain intact within me,as told to me by my mother.Here I accept and take a deep breath within,he is standing there waiting for me,and I take my next step..I am standing with him now,my new new new desires,I turn back to my childhood friends,everyone just say..I am the new bride now,I shall have a capricious pond of thoughts from now on,only knowing I tend to be quintessential from today.The burning desires within me are finally at a halt,he takes my hand and proclaims me as his new bride forever,to which I strangely smile,embracing the new sunshine.


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