Dark magic.

In the dark full moon night,she sat with all the equipments required,ready to perform the ritual,ready to burn with fire;

she demands the lost love of her life,once dedicated to her,now cheated on her,she wishes to crush the other girl,then burn in hell;

all the animals united for her,willing to sacrifice their precious hearts to her,she seems a devil for now,what love has made her,sigh!

“wither,shatter,crooked you shall,torpedo look-alike you may have”

she chants the curse on the go,in she puts another soul,the magic pot bubbling high,

the rising fumes telling the story of her pain,her pesky eyes growing more in violent slain;

“wither,shatter,crooked you shall,heartless you might feel always”

she rumbles and chants the horror again in agony,as red,green,her eyes appear;

now the once gone black sky is litted with the dark magic,sacrificed souls,spirits rising high;

the sly smile covers her paltry face,the hands still does not stop being sadist to him;

blood is what she will drink,merry her heart will string,chaos she will spread,humanity all dead;

revenge she seeks,raising undesired beasts whom she instructs the most awful product;

jolly she feels now,shunning her dedicated love,happy feet high on the sky,giggling with another guy,she finds her solace again.


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