Brushing my hair,palpable I am,sitting in front of the mirror,waiting for your arrival,

I am wearing the best red lipstick,which makes you sing jingles for me,and my heart crumbles on that,

See I am the vivacious one,intoxicated by your charm,strapping I feel with you,

Moon gives the testimony each day,how strewn my love is for you,unconquered,fresh.

I am decorated in the pearl necklace that you bought from that expensive shop,and so you lookout for me,as I see..

The uncluttered gown has adorned my beauty,purple makes me jaunty,fever you give me,

And so I meekly wait for the echo of your footsteps,the thunder which I long to hear;

I wait for a ravish aura to enter now,make me dance as the bottle of wine explodes;

The heaviness in the room shall now be drifted away,love shall kindle,roses will blossom;

Radiant I feel,ready to be taken to the world of ecstasy,and now you are here,tipsy in you;

The wait is at halt,ready to melt,your arresting smile cracks my innocence,take me in you my love;

Make me your slave tonight,break me,the lust within me is on hike,so take me somewhere;where the roads of tranquility can be blemished.




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