100+followers;500 likes!!πŸ™ˆ

Ok,so few days back I got a notification stating my current tally of follows..which thrilled my heart to the abysmal!I took this screenshot 3 days back and hell I was overwhelmed by all you lovely bloggers out there.I have completed my one month beautiful journey on wordpress and got tremendous responses from you guys.In my this short journey also my blog got deleted..(bleh..)and I basically was about to loose all my high burning,flowing hopes and it was then that somehow all my old followers still stood by me and liked my still to be perfect posts.So,THANK YOU!Thank you for visiting my blogg,hitting that like button or even following me.It means so much to me and I can only promise to bring all the best my eccentric mind can think of.Blogging is something that has really helped me to speak my heart out to you all and check all of your great content in this same process.I am thankful to all of you beautiful bloggers,and really appreciate your love and support shown to this girl!

Have a happy,beautiful Sunday!☺


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