Duality in Human!

The time I blossomed on earth,I was unaware what all this universe had for me.Locked in my own dreams,I know I was always the benevolent one!I never played with any other human,remained coherent.What popped in my mind was always on my tongue,bad or good..still I spoke all true emotions.Now the sensations of human mind bewilders me,intrigues me to know more of it.I adamantly believe in Karma,since childhood and so never try to twirl any other brain,but I see people never fail in vehemently rebuking your conscious or your serene thoughts.They be a flower in front of you and at the back they become the diabolical thorn of that flower.They have this tendency may be due to the blandish society,or due to the cajole trait they inherit from the society,but eventually they do it.And here I lose to understand the chain it forms.Mind games,win or loose,I fail to understand always, as the reason is I know my part that this world actually deserves.In this grievous world already,how can I play more sanctimonious?I deny to be the hypocrite,unleashing others opinion is something that I do but in the most decorous way.I know I have to perceive still a lot,but here I deny the duality that I see in everyone.Peppy talks,coaxed words even if they think the other soul does not deserve it,then why to say it in first place?This duality,is something that makes me jitter.I admonish the one’s who play such destructive game to win another heart.It does nothing besides being a heavy burden to attain peace in all the whims of human kind or worldwide.


21 thoughts on “Duality in Human!

  1. I admire this piece of writing and personally feel this has a lot of authenticity in every individuals’ lives.All of us in our daily lives are fighting battles that many not know of. The one who combats the struggles of mundane life are the real heroes. Thanks for sharing the post. Hugs to you.

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  2. Hey there!
    This duality is not at cost of them but us. The Ultimate sufferer is the person they are in contact with. It surprises me that at several occasions I’ve myself fallen for the trap layed by the masked individuals and when the mask came off, it wasn’t a pretty picture. 😦
    I love the flow of words here, very subtle but accurate. Glad to have come across your blog and Thank you for stopping by mine. I really appreciate it. ^_^
    Best wishes,
    Shambhavi ☺🌷

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    1. I am glad you can connect the idea I am referring to.Being fooled by this human race only makes us more judicious!Thank you for stopping by to read and leaving beautiful comments dear!I always look forward for great content and bloggers like you.:)

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  3. Yes we do have all sorts of people in this society. You be what you are , a beautiful soul. Their baf behavior makes you different from them.

    We can’t help. Just focus on being yourself ignore them if can’t accept them.

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