200 followers,1000 likes!

To my surprise,when I checked my blog today in the evening that red mark said I have 200 followers,and I was like ..come again wordpress??But yeah I gained 100 more followers within past 10 days without even realising it.Stats does not gives an attitude to flatter about my community but boosts me up and extends my dimple only and that is why I feel obliged to see honest likes on my blog.I really adore all the wonderful bloggers out there and if somebody actually comment positively on my post it makes my heart blossom only as I know this step of blogging is mere a baby step of mine and I am not flawless.I would like to show gratitude to all those who even had the time to stop by my blog,it means a lot people!THANK YOU,ONCE AGAIN.β™₯

P.S-I would really appreciate honest gestures,likes and follow back,nobody is compelled to hit that like button as soon as I publish my posts and that too within a minute.READ IT,if you genuinely think I deserve a token of appreciation,you are always more than welcome to my this very valiant journey.(no harm intended).:-)β™₯

Once again.for all the encouragement and 1000 likes,I am thankful to each one of you out there!



52 thoughts on “200 followers,1000 likes!

  1. Very cool! I myself am trying to get to where you are and beyond currently since I want to make history for not only myself but for others too while having autism. I’ve come a long way so far but I have an even longer way to go in order to get there even though there IS NOT an end to blogging! Hopefully one day I will get there! Good luck with your journey!

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    1. Thankyou for dropping by friend.Let me just say,patience and good content go hand in hand because when I started even things were not good but gradually being religiously dedicated to my blogging,things did work out well for me.
      I am no expert but you have to trust yourself,make a static agenda and stick to it.Connecting to your blogger friends and participating in WP challanges is a great way to attract good stats.
      I wish all the best to you dear and hope to see much better stats for you.Much love.


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