Daily prompt-Wind.


In the merriful grinning lush green fields,I remember how you held my hand,the sister’s love is joyous of all,they said;

My white frock laced with frill matched all the dirt,you still held my hand, we went comic together;

We kissed the beaming sunshine on each other’s forehead,promised to laugh together till the heartbeat would stop,then giggled and catched the colourful butterfly,elevated you made me Β the winner;

Years have passed by,I sit in my verandah today wearing a white gown,thinking the same,oh,how I wish the wind to wake you up from the grave,instead exchange mine with the same.

Sister’s love is great of all,I wish the wind to whisper that in your fair ear,that will give thunders to my fear.

Β Now,I wait for you here,drowned in the memories of your jocund soul,the protection of your colossal charm,the bliss of our glorious past..



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