From the eyes of the moon.

590273_orig.jpgPeople sing lullaby’s to their child and then wax lyrical about my glinting charm.They rave to the bits about all the sovereignty I can possess,only do they know what do I care for?Astronauts came and boasted all about me,not knowing I do not wish their avid ministration.I am the moon.I am the colossal,if something exists which can unfold my utter surveillance for the unknown truths,is the veracity that undergoes within humans and that Earth planet.I do not aim for the seraphic melodious chants and wonderous songs that comes for me from the people down below,if that was it and I would have been  a rapt and a beatific soul with no mark of dark dot that follows my white body.

I aim to come down on earth one day and see all the befuddled minds wandering the street throughout the day sniveling about the ruthless and all the mundane life they bear.I am longing to know the bare truths which a man carries in his palms and then open it!It wonders me how the souls which take so proud at my slight look just admires my white charm?I know I am in the sky,to provide the extravagant beam of hope disguised as the ‘light’ when the earth hits the blackout phase,and I feel delighted to do it as it creates something of me,it states the cardinal piece of me,creating and beaming hope.I want to come down and state my vitality as the only me,signifying the fact of my position up in the sky and nowhere else on earth as the consequence will be then egregious.My imperative personality is mine and I take proud of it unlike the humans who do have the blissful part to unleash happiness and provide hope to others yet are inept to do it.Yes, I also carry a tiny impeccable black mark which indeed is a part of me still i am impenitent and never abhor that part of me as i still move on to beam and glitter the countless,infinite black nights that have come and would be.

Nothing could replace me.I am distinctive as me.My paltry physique does not define me.I am much more beyond that.I am a pellucid soul..almighty yet magnanimous.

Open up your eyes human down below,and start being gracious only as you are,for you are here on earth to be a part of all the beautiful things that not even an almighty like me ‘the moon’ can take pleasure in.Even if you wish to rave about me,better it is my deed rather than my outer beauty for that is only a part of me.I will still shine and remain indomitable.

3 day quote challenge!

Hola,my valuable readers!

I was  nominated  for this challenge long back ago,once again to carry on the spark of spreading vibrant quotes and peace in each heart out there by an amiable blogger   and thus,I will be hoping to do my task the best way possible.

The category I choose today is DESIRE!

1-Free from the desire,you realize the mystery,caught in the desire you only see the manifestations.~Tao Ti Ching

2You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!~C.S Lewis.

So chase your desires,your flowy dreams..age does not matter!

My nominees


Till then..


Desultory I stand amidst the green meadow,to be a part of this moment where silence can be exhibited by me;

Peevish is my mind,remains unknown to the nebulous thoughts occupying inside;

I see two roads in front of me,one is lavish and comfort while other enjoys the hug of inner conscious;

Bewildering it seems to me,oh!how I could just stick to the greenery that I possess as for now,driveling is to choose the path;

Hysterical my heart is,clamouring insists and prevails inside,friable all my emotions seem;

Lost I am,in the peace of this ambience I see;

The sky above is so composed,smiling at me, nothing to lose;

I stand here,lost..lost in this wilderness of my heart,consigned to oblivion.


Staircase to Heaven.

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When I die what shall it be like?For sure,true hearts shall be revealed and the only genuine eyes will cry.It’s not like I am meant for heaven..but they say true hearts go to heaven only?I agree.If I go to heaven,the perplexities of human mind shall be unravelled by me.It will be like a letter to God,where I will update him about the doings on earth.The other day when the atrocities which my body had felt, got uncontrolled,people called me berserk..gave me names.The cacophony that prevailed in this soul was never heard by anyone,even when I slept my murmurings were named as sick as a dog.Perhaps,I expected a lot from everyone while I was on earth,the shining ball of hypocrites and duality.Maybe if now I open the doors to heaven,I might see a heavenly figure having a small chat with me..if that’s God,I won’t mind to talk to him even,if I can exchange words with fake blandishments..I am allowed to at least talk to so-called God.I’ll tell him the how I managed the prodigious phases of my life with all the simplicity expected,how I painted the walls of abomination with my honest droplets of love.I’ll also mention him the time when the world collapsed inside my mind and the only companion I relied on was my dear pillow,who never complained of my company.Yes,there were people who changed their personality and body as if the seasons change that vaguely.The little stars never failed to lit light in my mind and aim fo that indomitable fire,so I constantly hoped for the uplifting of my shallowless.No,I was not completely disheartened down there.I had my beautiful family with me all the time,that completed me somehow.Neither did I longed for the eccentric human love,in which dedication lacks or for the materialistic words where fakeness value.Somehow,I wanted a cool wave of ocean tide to carry my imaginary thoughts maybe,or just to make everyone around me as happy as I might be.A little more for the ones who longed the human love,I wished to be a helping hand to them,but then lord by then you had decided to have a word with here I am not complaining,not worrying,I had always known in the end,peace shall kiss me.


One kiss..

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In the encapsulating warmth under the moonlit,near the calm flickering sea,I long for that one kiss;

The kiss that you promised to give me on the transparent soul of my body,my once sizzling now dreary cheeks wait for the capturing hug from your tender lips;

One kiss.. my innermost emotion cry out loud,will you make me proud?Take me to the Neverland,I wish to get all vanish and become the droplets of fresh dew,that is the sovereignty of that one kiss I long;

I command the stars to shine more bright,as the sea watches me melting in the depth of your kiss,the kiss that you promised would take away the emptiness within me making me more entrancing,my are the sunshine so I long for that one kiss..

The wind now blows even more fiercely ready to embrace the striking beauty,the universe may bow to the love that we make,the purity of which will be thrilled by the ages to come,so give me your soft,intense touch as I long for that one kiss..


Mind in Chaos.

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Sometimes the flow of my ink breaks,sometimes it utters the most veracious words.I continue to remain in the swamp of ablaze,though wondering what shall happen if I refuse to speak my words.The inner turmoil twists my mind often in an unplanned way,gives me shiver when I write.I have this urge instilled in me to adorn the paths in an ebullient way,sometimes crooked sometimes curvy.I hold my pen,my strongest weapon to speak the most substantial emotion,sometimes I am floating in the darkness of numbness,while sometimes climbing the ladder of flowers..still second thoughts arrive and carry me someplace undefined.Often,I imagine myself in a dark dusty place at times,with no one heart beating,if anything persists it is the insecurities perhaps that lock horns with my mind ,firmly.My  future is uncertain and so is the luck of my palms,my pen shakes,my thoughts budge and I am often lost in the whims of expressing my emotions.Don’t know where this flow of my ink might take me..I hope it’s a place better than state of unconscious,where the dust of my chair gets some reverence,and the inkpot discovered.


Obvious Smiles..

"Lovers" - Joseph Lorusso (b. 1966), oil on panel {figurative #impressionist art happy couple orange portrait painting} <3 Loving !!
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Take my hand and carry me to that prepossessing view,

where a child shall smile and disharmony dies,then we can open our hands and beam our souls to the nature,smashing,flickering..

So much we went through,still we made it,lets declare the supremacy to the skies,so hold my waist and echo the satisfaction,

Pain and misery kicked us though,we still carry on to paint each one’s let’s dance for the joy and celebrate our stay.

Isn’t it obvious the nature exhilarates our dedication?Wait and you shall also see, the raindrops welcoming your way.. adorned with spark of rainbow.


Sunshine Blogger Award.

I am more than pleased to receive such a jubilant award from one of the versatile blogger .Thankyou Soma!Anything that spreads positivity is always glittered by my mind and same was with this beautiful award.



Music,spending time with family,and writing.

  • Would you rather live in the city or countryside?

Countryside,of course!Serenity always captivates me.

  • What’s your ultimate inspiration song?…never thought of it..and still can’t!

  • Name 1 item in your bucket list.

There are so many to list,still I would stick to the plan of visiting Paris with my would be       dear husband!

  • Do you prefer to write or type?

Before blogging it was always writing..and now its blogging but in both the cases I get      to speak my heart so who cares?Give me any damn thing!

  • Mountains or sea?

I love to go to the top of the mountain and check all the amazing views including sea.


  • What is something you do to relieve stress?

Chant “OM MANI PADME HUM”..or even write down all the glorious things about my life.

  • What is your happy color?


  • If you visit a new place or country what is the first thing you would do?

Take rest for about an hour as I must have been tired for sure and then discover al that I       can about that place specially the people and their culture!

  • What is the one thing you cannot live without?

Answered this before,it has to be my Kohl kaajal!

  • Who do you look upto?

My father for the struggle he went through his early life, and ofcourse God!

Yieee so I completed all of my questions and it’s time to nominate-

So with that I finish my this post.Hope you all enjoyed!

Have a great day ahead.:)

Beauty in ignorance.

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The sultry blanket,the hot air made this thin unfamiliar layer so heavy..I walk with same charisma,vigour in my eyes and heart blooming flowers.

My life is just like sand,people surround me with all the dust..dust in my eyes ..dust in my charm.Turbulence prevails,and yet I walk ahead.

Living to full and maintaining my enticement is what I bear,my mind is sometimes lost and sometimes in my palm,I wonder the lessons yet again never refuse to welcome new ones.

Give me gratitude,I shall take it..give me solitude I shall flourish it as my beauty will hug me within and I long nothingelse.To the state of furore my mind goes sometimes still the colour of sky blandishes it with its zeal.

I will be that pearl in the swamp of dirt,like a glittery star my thoughts will shine,I will walk and walk..learn the untold make my life a constant living mirth.

Learning the phases of life seems another joy perhaps sometimes a cry,to carry the captivation is I enjoy,my actions will echo the sky.As I walk,I lit my bliss I learn to move forward ,move forward to learn and live.


The sound of my Silence.

Anna Razumovskaya:
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I tried to be that jubilant leaf that adorns the flower,the fresh dew due to which morning looks brighter,my rambling was like the gold that sparkled and the breezy air in which everyone basked in..

As for now,all that is faded and all that remains is my sound of silence.Could you hear me if I go numb or dissipate?Let me tell you how crumble my heart is.

In the deep wounds of past,I hugged myself yet again,collected and recollected my bliss,still the colours look faded, still the silence takes me to paradise.

Don’t know what this joy is as I flourish my sound of silence..maybe unheard by you but grabbed by my heart,louder is the pain and the emptiness in which I had drowned so let me sit near my peace and get lost in the state of stupefaction.