There is something surreal about my those nights when the state of mind drifts from my body,vapid thoughts on fire,thunderbolt then flies higher.Those nights vocalize the illusions of my mind and gives me a surreptitious good night kiss as I cover my face in deep slumber,what enchants me more is the thrill I get before my nights call me in,unaware of the rawness of the dreams I would have again or the world I would enter in,vanishing my soul seems.Sometimes the journey is venturesome while sometimes a mundane ritual follow,still there is a deep craving that asks me each day about my last night to which my face speaks all the next morning.True they say,dreams keep you awake, if not that..why I still defeat the rapacious desires?

Each night..midnight tells my subconscious mind what different talks got imbued in me distinctively and what held me all unwavering.I come to know this way the inner mirth I
have or the hollowness if prevails and that is the beauty my dreams possess.Indelible my future remains,no soothsayer or my cosmos enjoy the power of my want,something remains unwritten in our journal by those stars or the gargantuan sky,but I have the power to lie down on my cozy bed and close my eyes..for it is 10:30 p.m by the clock…time to get vanish in my own spark.


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