In the water..

...flow away with your hair flying... I am not your straight line (and beguile me)... like the sea:
image source pinterest

I tried hard and struggled bad to make everything ravishing about myself,people still tangle me in their manipulative games,that unspoken hatred glares from their eyes and sometimes so brutal that is shines from their dark heart,I’ve collected myself many times and made peace often with these surroundings yet somehow I feel the threshold point exceeding the hold.I am entwined in my own walls of fear now as if I am my inner chaos that my mind refuse to make peace with.Sublimity of thoughts somehow is being crushed and destructed thus making me go deeper and deeper.Now as I am in the waters,I feel happy here, it amazed me first still the tranquility is speechless to describe.I am satisfied deep down,maybe I needed a lone time?I needed my own peace where I could satisfy only myself and no other hearts as they will pierce me only till I bleed..bleed so bad,my face turns blue and so does my heart.

I do not wish to float on souflle` of clouds because if it bursts I shall come down on earth so its better to be drowned.I am still in a state of furore,don’t know what people will again inject in me,I am exhausted and lost each day and now I don’t expect miracles to stop the pain so I shall remain underneath without being vindictive anymore,hoping may I find my little pieces of heart so that I can connect and rejoin them once again,in this emptiness.


23 thoughts on “In the water..

      1. hmm one thing is I never stop ,lol if I stop at a place I will forget that life is a journey not the destination so all I try is flow and while floating reach beautiful places and yours blog is a wonderful place(which is you sharing so much) … other blogs are so I cannot stop….lol

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  1. “Loneliness is dangerous. It’s addictive. But when you realize how peaceful it is, you wanna stop dealing with people anymore.”
    This is somewhat irrelevant perhaps, but the thought came to me as I was going through the post.

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    1. Sometimes only this happens when you do not wish to listen from anyone else but you,yourself!Finding peace in the water is only for oneself where no chaos knocks our mind.
      Thankyou for reading by and dropping such a beautiful comment.

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  2. This is Beautiful write, some times I imagine , how do you imagine to write all this beautiful state of being.

    Creativity is the tool for an artist. Great expression.

    I am trying to feel how it would be, to be in water .

    All the very best.

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  3. Great piece in picture again. You describe it well, just as the painting above. Keep up the great work. I’m not sure if it’s your thing or you’re writing a kind of prose poetry? But, if you did have a space btw words and punctuation marks, it would be much easier to read through. Maybe, it doesn’t work with your phone or something? But thought I’d mention it, not trying to be critical at all.

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    1. To be true,even I am trying to discover that fact.But I think it is just a prose,and a prose does not have a specific structure as such but I am glad you pointed those li’l things I will try to keep that in mind next time.Thankyou for your observation.

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  4. The image you used for this is perfect! Focus on the person you want to be and not the people others want you to be. I know Its hard but It can be done. Stay Strong! Your work is wonderful the words flow so perfectly.

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