Is my pain yours too?


image source- pinterest

I sit here in my deep morbid thoughts,lost in you,wondering about you;

how my love never stopped caring for you,was it never felt by you?

Out of all I followed you,got absorbed in your air,never did my heartbeat stopped for you;

Still,you kill me with your strident words,that cut my skin in two my pain felt by you?

Embraced all that you gave,I changed my etiquette to match that yours,here I sit again then why so alone?

If I am wrong,just drown me deep in the darkness,where nobody shall follow..speak your word then.

As days pass on,despondent I grow..numbness occupied, wretched I live.



66 thoughts on “Is my pain yours too?

  1. The pain so very much clearly seen in every word….. The heart which never would complain is now complaining….. The wish to be loved not been filled makes the body cry out……. The the mind is now full of questions…….. The self which never felt alone is now in pain as it is alone…….. IS MY PAIN YOURS TOO.

    This poem these words the emotions have really touched me deep down and Oops past comes out again…. This is superb. Love it maybe because I see this is just a poem even though when I read it for first time I was sad, felt a deep pain in and was sorry….

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      1. I wish it just remains a fiction for all the Souls because the pain is immense if it is to be real… It simply can break the inner self not just heart when they say heart broken… You are welcome again for coming up with such a piece of heart feeling pain.

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          1. I am not hoping nor you will hope nor will anyone hope that way beautiful Soul…… But let us be in reality once a lover can ask the other do you are think of me, do you love me still, did you Love me as I did, do you feel the pain it simply tells that now that heart that person is broken and his inner self has shaken…. We are beautiful lovely Souls we will never want it to happen thus I pray Source to bless every one with unlimited love, happiness, courage, strength…
            “Amen ”

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      1. You are sweet to say and thank you so much for the lovely compliments but truly I believe my heartbreak was meant to be. Crazy as that sounds I think we learn more to appreciate our good times in life becuz we’ve made it through the bad. XO! Im glad to be following your blog!!

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  2. I really love this picture. What a gem to fund on Pinterest. But I love how you described what I think, is an extremely likely possibility for this woman to be thinking about. She seems disturbed and numb, and I think you put this in your writing well. Her lover not there for her, she feels she is wasting away, depressed, and just in such blackness. Terrible how the loss of love can affect a person so much. Great job!

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  3. I don’t know, sorry.

    But how you guys write about so such pain without experiencing it ?

    If you experience it and then write even as fiction ?

    Does this heal your soul ?

    I don’t know? I really don’t know ?

    If you ask me write about pain,. I can’t write more then that pain is painful.

    Or its just different sensation in the body which is not pleasant.

    Any way my thoughts are out of context.

    You write really well.

    Would love to see something pleasing in your writing . yeah you do write that stuff too !😊 Agree .

    Have nice time here and now !😊

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