Obvious Smiles..

"Lovers" - Joseph Lorusso (b. 1966), oil on panel {figurative #impressionist art happy couple orange portrait painting} <3 Loving !! josephlorussofineart.com:
image source pinterest

Take my hand and carry me to that prepossessing view,

where a child shall smile and disharmony dies,then we can open our hands and beam our souls to the nature,smashing,flickering..

So much we went through,still we made it,lets declare the supremacy to the skies,so hold my waist and echo the satisfaction,

Pain and misery kicked us though,we still carry on to paint each one’s heart..so let’s dance for the joy and celebrate our stay.

Isn’t it obvious the nature exhilarates our dedication?Wait and you shall also see, the raindrops welcoming your way.. adorned with spark of rainbow.



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