Mind in Chaos.

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Sometimes the flow of my ink breaks,sometimes it utters the most veracious words.I continue to remain in the swamp of ablaze,though wondering what shall happen if I refuse to speak my words.The inner turmoil twists my mind often in an unplanned way,gives me shiver when I write.I have this urge instilled in me to adorn the paths in an ebullient way,sometimes crooked sometimes curvy.I hold my pen,my strongest weapon to speak the most substantial emotion,sometimes I am floating in the darkness of numbness,while sometimes climbing the ladder of flowers..still second thoughts arrive and carry me someplace undefined.Often,I imagine myself in a dark dusty place at times,with no one arround..no heart beating,if anything persists it is the insecurities perhaps that lock horns with my mind ,firmly.My  future is uncertain and so is the luck of my palms,my pen shakes,my thoughts budge and I am often lost in the whims of expressing my emotions.Don’t know where this flow of my ink might take me..I hope it’s a place better than state of unconscious,where the dust of my chair gets some reverence,and the inkpot discovered.



43 thoughts on “Mind in Chaos.

              1. πŸ˜‚ Amazing? Maybe not, just a friendly honest reader/writer!

                Also, I believe that good writing should be appreciated. Especially, when the writer puts effort and shows courage to post their writing on an open forum. Plus, you’re pretty good at it, so yeah. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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                1. I am honoured by your feedback once again as I feel the same.For me your posts are amazing and I really adore when actually a writer puts effort just to convey some deep thoughts,while others pay honest read to it.I second that with you.:)

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