One kiss..

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In the encapsulating warmth under the moonlit,near the calm flickering sea,I long for that one kiss;

The kiss that you promised to give me on the transparent soul of my body,my once sizzling now dreary cheeks wait for the capturing hug from your tender lips;

One kiss.. my innermost emotion cry out loud,will you make me proud?Take me to the Neverland,I wish to get all vanish and become the droplets of fresh dew,that is the sovereignty of that one kiss I long;

I command the stars to shine more bright,as the sea watches me melting in the depth of your kiss,the kiss that you promised would take away the emptiness within me making me more entrancing,my are the sunshine so I long for that one kiss..

The wind now blows even more fiercely ready to embrace the striking beauty,the universe may bow to the love that we make,the purity of which will be thrilled by the ages to come,so give me your soft,intense touch as I long for that one kiss..



63 thoughts on “One kiss..

  1. Really really good, very good. I like the idea that it’s the kiss that makes everything else Right. For everything to make sense: love, passion, caring, togetherness, there has to be the first kiss. Yep! This is terrific. Thank you for posting!

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