Staircase to Heaven.

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When I die what shall it be like?For sure,true hearts shall be revealed and the only genuine eyes will cry.It’s not like I am meant for heaven..but they say true hearts go to heaven only?I agree.If I go to heaven,the perplexities of human mind shall be unravelled by me.It will be like a letter to God,where I will update him about the doings on earth.The other day when the atrocities which my body had felt, got uncontrolled,people called me berserk..gave me names.The cacophony that prevailed in this soul was never heard by anyone,even when I slept my murmurings were named as sick as a dog.Perhaps,I expected a lot from everyone while I was on earth,the shining ball of hypocrites and duality.Maybe if now I open the doors to heaven,I might see a heavenly figure having a small chat with me..if that’s God,I won’t mind to talk to him even,if I can exchange words with fake blandishments..I am allowed to at least talk to so-called God.I’ll tell him the how I managed the prodigious phases of my life with all the simplicity expected,how I painted the walls of abomination with my honest droplets of love.I’ll also mention him the time when the world collapsed inside my mind and the only companion I relied on was my dear pillow,who never complained of my company.Yes,there were people who changed their personality and body as if the seasons change that vaguely.The little stars never failed to lit light in my mind and aim fo that indomitable fire,so I constantly hoped for the uplifting of my shallowless.No,I was not completely disheartened down there.I had my beautiful family with me all the time,that completed me somehow.Neither did I longed for the eccentric human love,in which dedication lacks or for the materialistic words where fakeness value.Somehow,I wanted a cool wave of ocean tide to carry my imaginary thoughts maybe,or just to make everyone around me as happy as I might be.A little more for the ones who longed the human love,I wished to be a helping hand to them,but then lord by then you had decided to have a word with here I am not complaining,not worrying,I had always known in the end,peace shall kiss me.



51 thoughts on “Staircase to Heaven.

  1. I wonder sometimes how would it be like.. really.. how souls depart and meet the almighty.. what really happens after that.. Is there a place like heaven, how would it be like to be there.. A thought provoking post.. thanks or sharing

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  2. if you talk to God just tell him before he judge others and punish or reward people for things they did ask him to judge himself for the things he didn’t do to

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  3. It was quite an interesting read. I love the phrasing of only genuine eyes weeping for you after you pass away…truth indeed!
    I have a tiny suggestion though. Using a few paragraphs and spaces would make your text more legible. Due to the lack of those, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of where I’m reading. I used to type my posts on my phone at one point of time and I realized much later that posts end up looking like this. If it’s the same with you, you could probably avoid that.

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