Desultory I stand amidst the green meadow,to be a part of this moment where silence can be exhibited by me;

Peevish is my mind,remains unknown to the nebulous thoughts occupying inside;

I see two roads in front of me,one is lavish and comfort while other enjoys the hug of inner conscious;

Bewildering it seems to me,oh!how I could just stick to the greenery that I possess as for now,driveling is to choose the path;

Hysterical my heart is,clamouring insists and prevails inside,friable all my emotions seem;

Lost I am,in the peace of this ambience I see;

The sky above is so composed,smiling at me, nothing to lose;

I stand here,lost..lost in this wilderness of my heart,consigned to oblivion.



29 thoughts on “Lost..

      1. No it is not… You deserve more.
        I wish I could praise your poems the way you write…
        I am feeling nervous. Don’t have right kind of words to praise you.

        You are awesome. Just realize if you can.

        Or praise your self on my behalf with your immense capability to play with emotions and words…

        I will be happy.

        Write a poem for a poetess with in you…and you can only do that….

        Liked by 1 person

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