From the eyes of the moon.

590273_orig.jpgPeople sing lullaby’s to their child and then wax lyrical about my glinting charm.They rave to the bits about all the sovereignty I can possess,only do they know what do I care for?Astronauts came and boasted all about me,not knowing I do not wish their avid ministration.I am the moon.I am the colossal,if something exists which can unfold my utter surveillance for the unknown truths,is the veracity that undergoes within humans and that Earth planet.I do not aim for the seraphic melodious chants and wonderous songs that comes for me from the people down below,if that was it and I would have been  a rapt and a beatific soul with no mark of dark dot that follows my white body.

I aim to come down on earth one day and see all the befuddled minds wandering the street throughout the day sniveling about the ruthless and all the mundane life they bear.I am longing to know the bare truths which a man carries in his palms and then open it!It wonders me how the souls which take so proud at my slight look just admires my white charm?I know I am in the sky,to provide the extravagant beam of hope disguised as the ‘light’ when the earth hits the blackout phase,and I feel delighted to do it as it creates something of me,it states the cardinal piece of me,creating and beaming hope.I want to come down and state my vitality as the only me,signifying the fact of my position up in the sky and nowhere else on earth as the consequence will be then egregious.My imperative personality is mine and I take proud of it unlike the humans who do have the blissful part to unleash happiness and provide hope to others yet are inept to do it.Yes, I also carry a tiny impeccable black mark which indeed is a part of me still i am impenitent and never abhor that part of me as i still move on to beam and glitter the countless,infinite black nights that have come and would be.

Nothing could replace me.I am distinctive as me.My paltry physique does not define me.I am much more beyond that.I am a pellucid soul..almighty yet magnanimous.

Open up your eyes human down below,and start being gracious only as you are,for you are here on earth to be a part of all the beautiful things that not even an almighty like me ‘the moon’ can take pleasure in.Even if you wish to rave about me,better it is my deed rather than my outer beauty for that is only a part of me.I will still shine and remain indomitable.


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