Permanent paradise.

Original Watercolor Painting. Warm Foothills. by TatyanaIlieva:
image source-pinterest

When my mind is occupied with the demons inside,you speak you kiss place on earth suits me any better..your hug appears to be the splash of color;

Tattered and withered goes my heart,my mind seems paralyzed yet you pick me up with such a delight as if I am your paradise.

Last night I got broken and how impeccably you mended my thoughts,with the gentle touch of your hands,the magic enticed me to break the rules;

So dim the lights,come close here and I shall boast the safety I feel like the lioness with the lion,nothing to lose yet be superior;

Sanctimonious with others,I have nothing to prove to your heart,ohย that is the safest place my mind can belong with nothing to fear;

How mesmerizing it feels to be lost in your arms as if that is the safest place I can have.The kindle of your clairvoyance captures me like the morning sunshine;

My heart shall follow yours like the butterfly to a flower,so lets sync in together and untangle the mysteries of this spark,give me fever ..make me shiver ,you are my permanent paradise forever.



77 thoughts on “Permanent paradise.

  1. Wow this one hit me right in the heart! Incredible its like you spin your words up into this beautiful torando just out of your raw emotion and when they land you have this amazing work of art! Your writing is such a wonderful talent but your ability to share such power is amazing!

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      1. I know, I have read your other poems too and I have this soft corner for fancy wordplay. Even the most simplest ones. It makes my heart flutter for some reason. I love your poems. They are mesmerising and magnificent. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

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  2. If someone tries to say something about this masterpiece writing let me stand up and say …you haven’t understood it at heart level…the emotions,the love,the pleasure,the beauty,the sentiments,the desires of the writer coming up with such great piece can never be able to said by words.

    Words can be heard but only superficially, and can be understoodโ€”but only intellectually and this masterpiece has to be felt deep.


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      1. well did I adore you beautiful Soul…I only saw my soul as yours….The words you wrote were not just written they were written from depth of your inner self and heart is all I felt…thus I could not or say never was in position to praise them.
        It never matters what the other thinks this life is our to walk but yes I thank you for been so kind and sweet towards me as I can feel love,care,compassion,gratitude flowing from your heart.
        The soul knows what it does and I thank you for showing so much kindness.Be blessed,’AMEN’.


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