Constant dream.

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My dreams are shoddy without you,my heart beats heavily like a piece of kryptonite is stuck inside.I begin to wither as my days seem defective without you.I had wished all the beauty of my life with my heart’s sole controller,YOU.But as I woke up today in the perfect beaming rays of sunshine,I could not find you in my bed.What happened?You left me?No words said?Now,I miss the that cup of coffee which we would sip together and giggle about the life worries,you made things so easy then.I am here now,alone in my own build walls which seem morbid now as my ray of sheer happiness has been drifted somewhere else.I had loved you and only you all these years and each day wished and longed to sleep in your arms.Listening your breath each night gave me sense of solidness,assured future!You were in my bones, in my ashes,you remained dewy unblemished in the frame of my child like mind,oh how I loved your sparkling insouciant smile.I would frequently picture my sweet house,fireplace which produced enough warmth for me to kiss you perfectly on your dulcet lips. It was indeed,cozy,warm everything all at once in your arms.We would hold hands and  keenly drown in the presence of each other,that was beautiful!I lingered  in your dense voice,as I recall right now.My memories speak the audacity of the intense love for you that I accumulated all this time just for you.You remain dashing,indomitable still in my dreams,oh!how perfectly you have captured my mind.But you being lost someplace else has made me deprived of your aroma,I am feeble now as my vibrancy rests only in you.My life is mundane now, as my eyes are unable to capture the soothing glance of your charisma.You are still in me,in my my my tiny little pieces of heart and you shall always be the inhabitant of my constant dreams.


24 thoughts on “Constant dream.

  1. Sheer coincident that i penned on similar emotions & subject as yours but this one is profound piece of wordcraft.Your wordplay in prose is as amazing as in poetry like i remember your last poetry post which was outstanding.Keep writing & have a great weekend ahead!!

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  2. How do you capture all of these emotions in words. I try to do this but I get irritated with myself because I can never find the right words to satisfy my soul πŸ˜”

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