I found my way..

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 My rapacious soul is satisfied,
The ultimate feckless night is perspicacious now!
The outlandish thought once peevish,are palpable through a bright rainbow now,
My lassitude aura is vanished,
The intricate flustered breath is frisky now.
The embellished intentions once connive are beaming through my eyes now!

I am an ebullient puerile soul now,
Undisturbed by the worldly flaky eyes.
I have built my own roads..which leads to a genial place,
Unconcerned about the judgemental minds..
I am breathing once again now!


33 thoughts on “I found my way..

    1. I have a thing for heavy words,I do not want to rave about it but I like to use the fancy wordplay.Although what matters is the emotion expressed and if you catch that,my work is half done.So thankyou for reading it and feeling it,it means a lot.

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