Beautiful reflection.

DSC07172.JPGShe stood there amidst the trumpet crowd,occupied in her own lifeless era of penury.The clothes torn and down at heel,the dreams in her mind perfectly woven with all the peppy rainbow burning desires,within.The eyes outlandish of the irascible thoughts the world outside possess for her,she wants to get dissolve in the colors of panache.The new debonair trait would provide her the truth,her heart longed for.The reflection in the pink mirror would uplift the curtains of the new exuberant happy face now..

Excruciating will always be the society to her,clamouring and shattering the boisterous sweet thoughts.Her heart wants more now,maybe paltry droplets of appreciation would do like the lotus that only will reflect the enormity of the lake in which it is born due to its valor and invigorating charm.

Will this last for long?the brevity of the stale mind is all set to jeopardise to abysmal.The torn soul is about to get mend,the reflection is what she sees now.It would reveal all the palavering that exists about the contemporary society.She is beautiful,indeed!and the world’s fallacy goes in mundane deserts of sheer hollowness.


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