Unshattered faith.


Moon maiden:

People often say the horrendous things to my heart,unknowing may be feelings blossom in my skin,they cut me in halves and merry about it later;

But I shall not stop to be the gracious girl I dream,let me unravel the mysteries my heart bears on my own,my guts speak fire and I shall aim higher;

The innocuous heart rambles about the simplicity,yet my mind conquers the world with all the ethnicity,I have to climb the highest of the peaks;

Doubt me,wound me, but I shall not stop,the hope is my home and my faith a sparkling charm,so test my soul the best you can,but I shall flourish harder.

The fathom of my persona will be untied and all that shall exist will be the true colors of my unshaken faith.


19 thoughts on “Unshattered faith.

  1. Lovely ! Always be your self no matter they say ….they do not understand you …how can they ? They either need to walk in your shoes or have your mind set ….let it be ….leave them be …and let go…your self will be proud of you for being true to yourself …STAND BY YOURSELF…
    This write up comes from your heart …ā­ļø keep it up !

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