Kill me already.

Take your favourite weapon and then cut me in halves,bit by bit and in pieces uncountable,

then splash the color of my skin on your hands,take pleasure in it..give smiles for it,just kill me already;

Then carry my body all soaked in blood pieces,have a bonfire ..burn it there,sing jingles or tantrums to my soul..just kill me already;

Chop my innocence,cut my simplicity..take me to hell with a pointy dagger still in me,curse my mind,play with my something incorrigible,that my soul only can know..just kill me already.




80 thoughts on “Kill me already.

  1. This picture and the words so aptly describe your feelings that I am left with no words to praise this or even give a little bit of comfort to you.
    I will say only this, “The sun will eventually rise.” despite the night being too long and tedious it will rise and shine one day.

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  2. The poetry is as beautiful as always though it is reflecting all true pain & emotions of heart & mind.
    Its always a bright day after dark night so besides getting bieng shattered & broken its better to look forward for bright day with surprises.
    Have a great day ahead!

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  3. I am really touched by your poem…you have beautifully described a universal phenomena that no person can ever cease to disappoint that your poem should be relatable to most..having said that, betrayal can only lead to independence…sending lots of love your way! 😊

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      1. Call me insensitive but I do not always read much of sad poetry but your poetry is reflective of a life truth so its worth the while.. Also don’t forget most people who made it big in life ,all at some point faced its all good at times..take care dear xx

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  4. My Valiant Soul, it’s at that point that you delve deep within your own resources, the ones that remain hidden from you, and self-validate. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you, or says of you, just look at such a world and know that you are, or can be, better than anything it has to offer. It’s not easy to believe only in one’s self, in one’s mind, but that is self-empowerment and without it the entire species as it stands, is doomed to near extinction. I chose long ago not to follow the herd, then I chose not to be a member of the herd and now I choose to walk alone, and it’s the best company I ever had. Choice, always choice. But if you’d rather let the world, or whomever, cut you into pieces or kill you quickly, that too is a choice. A sacred choice. And that too can be engaged without remaining a victim. Die with dignity.

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    1. Wow!I am totally impressed by your lines as I completelt agree with it.Sometimes its not about the herd or following it,I’ve build my own path still the people in it diverges the smooth path.I know walking alone in my own way shall be serene still as we live here people expects way too much out of us and that bewilders me and mskes me edgy.
      Thankyou for taking your precious time in replying me and you surely added a opinion to my sad mind.Thanks for that friend.

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  5. Cut my body and then cut my soul, but i will still remain, because my thoughts are still alive, there is hope, not a single cut will be able to destroy the innocence. Hope you get out of this phase. The words were sad but ended up motivating. All depends on how you take it. Brilliant writing .

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  6. Bad times. 🙂 I can understand. Going through the same. Stop expecting and start loving for yourself. Make a point of not making your happiness dependent on others. Always be there for yourself just like you would for others. Think about yourself and no one else.
    Hope my words would be of some help.
    🙂 Smile even if forcibly.

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  7. This is awfully beautiful! The rage and the desperate Desire to belong to somebody, even being sacrified to please the other. Thats an incredibly powerful thought, ferociously expressed to make a huge impact in your readers. And so it did to me. You made a extremely emotional piece of poetry. Well done.

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    1. Wow!That was a great feedback to get as I am glad my words could instill that much of power in you.
      This is actually true,sometimes we manage so much to do for others,the ultimate emotion left is of being in pieces which again might not be appreciated.
      Thankyou for your love and support.

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