And the odyssey continues..


Triumph in my heart exists,as I have discovered the profound rumbling of my jocular heart.The pieces if put together of my heart bit by bit..they speak the versatility of the mind I possess governing the emancipation of morbid thoughts I had once.So peculiar it sounds to hear the constant regular uneventful mind i had once is producing a verve of synchronization of my heart with my mind.Listen up my mind..aahhh,beautiful vibrant rainbow like thoughts,connecting me to melt into my own world ..the world which is covered with lush green sorroundings.The knock of my love has connected me to the charm i have.The petals of my heart are blossoming,demanding to be my tower of strength,so dulce and well lighted soul is the essence i possess,i own..i am the ultimate ship ready to sail with the wind,uninhibited i remain!


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