A corner of my Heart.

Romel de la Torre, Exquisite draftsmanship.:
image source-pinterest

In the dark shadows of my heart,a corner still Β exists hoping for that wounds to get mended ,

Tears have marked their stay enough where once a child laughed,

That corner lies in my heart..that corner is a part of my pain.

and here I stand still in Smiles.

~My Valiant Soul.


53 thoughts on “A corner of my Heart.

      1. It doesn’t matter whether your post is short or long but what matters is the emotions you are expressing through your words.
        Sometimes even a sentence is enouvh to convey while sometimes even a whole paragraph seems less.
        You write beautifully and are versatile. πŸ™‚

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      1. its tough but we all learn/need to smile over the wounds. But there are certain times when we fail to hold the smile. That is the worst time when the wounds start bleeding…few remain hidden yet unhealed forever…

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