Together with Peace.

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Lost is my childhood laughter,when I never worried of this disaster;

So much fun prevailed and the blessings remain uncountable;

What happened now,the stars only merry my charm and the moon increases my glam;

Bruised up is my heart,and gazing the gargantuan sky feels the reason of mirth;

I collect my heart altogether and walk million miles,to find that lost solace or perhaps the lost glimmer of my eyes;

It amazes me now,why the nature makes people jocund?Why the fresh morning dew increases the rush of the blood..?

For the lost humanity seems inexplicable on earth,and my hand is held by that lost peace together..somewhere..forever..



9 thoughts on “Together with Peace.

      1. Some times you just don’t stop , you want stay , feel and talk with words you read. You look for underlying meaning of words , undying emotions of soul. You want to hear, listen and feel those expressions. You want to interact with poem and look to explore the depth of words .

        You want to live your past again.

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