A Part of me.

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Hold my hands and kiss my neck,take a deep breath and sing your heart to mine;

Kiss my wounds with your immaculate mind,play the strings of your heart and caress my mind;

Then unwind my miseries and blow my chaos away,come and untangle the worldly mess;

Take me to your laps and say your melancholy to my soul,for I shall open your entwined sorrows;

Kiss my forehead like the morning sunshine and declare your passion blatantly to my fragile soul..make it flourish like the moon.

So,join my misery as I kiss your worry..for I am nothing but a part of thy music,that jingles and mingles even in the heart of weakest.




49 thoughts on “A Part of me.

  1. Absolutely, feelingly wonderful. {question} Would you be open to a bit of “editing” of your English? No offence meant, just a thought. (and it would be based on my availability of time. I could return an edited piece via email, if you want.)


  2. Very beautiful and tenderly passionate. You know what is really interesting is that this love poem when I first read it (I had to read it several times.) πŸ™‚ but the first time I read it, I simply assumed the speaker to be a female, but then the third time I read it I realized the speaker could also be a male because the poem isn’t about one gender possessing another. It’s about the power of love’s physical connection with the true emotions of the lovers.

    It’s well done.

    Good work and thanks for sharing.

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  3. So ecstatically romantic, it’s like delightful ride and finally landing in solace .

    How Beautifully you play with words almost lost in expression.

    How Beautifully you play with both pain and pleasure makes you versatile blogger.

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