The dilemma of Happiness.

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I woke up once again,in the bright prosperous ray of hope today,I extended my arms and opened the window;

Then I smiled,and drifted the curtains apart..I saw a flock of birds chirping as they wished to speak “good morning” to me in the most entrancing manner;

I made tea for myself yet again,and pampered in the most gorgeous way,I smiled and cherished the fresh breeze that swayed my hair in the flawless way;

By the end of the day,my smile vanished once again..the happiness questioned my inner self incessantly..I knew by this time,the pretend was my dilemma..perhaps it was my state of furore.


37 thoughts on “The dilemma of Happiness.

      1. Well, perhaps. Joy and happiness are basically opposites. Joy emanates from spirit whereas happiness is an artificial, Matrix invention designed specifically to prevent people from seeking joy. It’s like confusing love and compassion, with love as a Matrix artificial construct designed to mimic compassion.
        Happiness is a feeling/emotion construct, as are all such Matrix inventions. It is a feel-good thing, when you have something you wanted, or something you’re getting that you longed for. When you’re in the right place at the right time enjoying what you like. That’s happiness. It’s totally dependent on external and uncontrollable changing circumstances. You said it yourself: by the end of the day your smile was gone and your happiness is accusing you of failing it, i.e., you’re not in control, your emotion is in control of you (if I read that correctly).

        Joy is a state of mind. It is a choice you make to live that way and no external circumstance can take it away because it is not a feeling/emotional concept. It is a part of you. Joy cannot be “bought” it must be lived. It expresses only within those who choose compassion as their way of life, and as their nature. How it works: One seeks to become compassion, the highest state any human can achieve, and that comes from becoming self empowered. The compassionate being becomes a giving being and develops empathy. From this state one becomes aware of two forces living within the self: joy and sorrow. These are twins. They exist since the beginning of the cosmos, in infinity and eternity. They hold all things together, balancing, making sense of what otherwise makes no sense. Joy lives in the light, Sorrow in the darkness and the compassionate being is the hands that clasps them and holds them together.

        In the cold, dead world of feelings and emotions where the Matrix rules there is no compassion, hence little or nothing is known of joy or sorrow – only of their imitators: happiness and suffering. These are the “gifts” of the Matrix. There is no balance in these as they rely entirely on external happenings as I mentioned. In this world we see much more suffering than happiness despite the fact that most people seek happiness over suffering yet does not see the terrible conundrum of this insanity. They are not in control of these forces, they must endure them as they come.

        If you are not too, too busy, perhaps you can have a look at some recent posts I wrote on my blog, ~Burning Woman~ that tries to expound on this whole aspect of self-empowerment, compassion, joy and sorrow and how an individual can enter by choice into this non-Matrix world to become a new self, a new being. It is the path I’m on, have been for several decades now and it is a fascinating way to live, if somewhat challenging. One finally finds freedom from that Earthian ball-an-chain of personal selfishness on which happiness is entirely based.

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        1. I must say,that is perhaps a very detailed and minute observation.Your opinion has a point,nevertheless for me joy and happiness seems synonyms.The ultimate motto of both the emotions asks us to be simple as that.Now you name it as joy or happiness,the mind does not feel it.My mind is not restricted only to these two of the words but much more beyond it.Everything for me seems somehow connecting.
          Thanks for your vast deep opinion.I will surely check out the more profound depth in your blog.Thankyou.

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  1. Whatever you do, you do it as if you enjoy it. Say for example, Even wandering in the thoughts of some unpleasant happenings of past, wander as if you enjoy doing so. And that gets you the joy.
    Joy ultimately gets you a happy state of mind.
    You have penned it beautifully. I had to read the poem twice to get the immense meaning. Pretty work. 😊

    Love, Anushka

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  2. It was not something you pretended Beautiful sweet Soul….. It is our nature…… It is our virtue…. We are smile, our inner self knows. What happens is that we suddenly start comparing, seeing ourselves with others. We from heart space go to the head and head is a complex phenomenon which stays in past and future….. Smile is in present.
    I can so deeply understand how things change because for some reasons in last 3 months this happens…. I start waking up smiling and then my mind questions, Pawan whom are You cheating and I forget I am more then this mind and heart, I forget my self is not mind but?????

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    1. If people would realize, despite all false information to the contrary, that they are indeed mind then any “debate” between heart (desires) and brain (what’s best for the physical body) would be instantly settled by the overriding and ruling mind. The mind is the only part that can “see” it all and is empowered to make the final choice – even if that choice means the body must die. For my, and through my decades of experiences and practices, my mind is the only “me” that realizes its connection to “spirit” or the life force. Selfishness happens at a level below mind, and that’s what causes the “debate” mentioned. It is also what causes basically all of our sufferings.

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  3. I wanna cry reading that! How marvelous that youth didn’t loose the sense of dreamiing and didn’t likened to these ugly monsters arround! I’m kissing your feet!
    I’m always saying that your inner world is much richer than that they impose you! Just plunge in it!

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