Vague Dreams.

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Sometimes the world isn’t beaming,sometimes the lines aren’t straight;

The insipid chills often give me utter debacle,speaking the veracious disharmony;

My mind wanders for the unexpected oblivion,in return I am bestowed with uncongenial thorns;

The paints never suits my body,black and white  remains in my soul;

Discordant with the truth,it’s hard to decide the merry of life,Should I choose fire or should I run with water?

The crumbling walls of humanity leave me bamboozled,often there are realities that disagree with my dismal mind;

All this remains in my mind..perhaps as my vague dreams that never fails to shatter my conscious flowy dreams.




30 thoughts on “Vague Dreams.

  1. Really interesting. Love the poem with the painting. The painting colourful especially that vibrant red blanket she poses on. Yet, your speaker doesn’t feel they can be co,our ful like her, that they are “black and white.” Fire or water, I’m unsure who your speaker should go with, what means through have to go with either or just one? Or is more of the speaker being ‘black and white’ and therefore, either ‘fire or water.’ Humanity can be disappointing, create awful messed that no one understands in the how or why. What’s interesting is your speaker is dreaming this, parts from his day and awake thoughts, changed and formed in dreams.

    I’m told in our dreams we often try to figure out things, to find solutions in life. I don’t know if we do, or if dreams are so symbolic, but it’s hard to remember a solution when dreams slip away.

    Great piece!

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  2. I wonder , even we don’t have conscious control over dreams.
    Had we , then at least 30 percent of our life would be bliss .

    Any way being a writer you touch the epitome of skills in knitting poems.

    Hats off too good.
    Thanks for sharing wonderful work.

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