As your Queen.

suzanne4u: “His princess ”:

Let me carry my dignity disguised  as you,the crown somehow weighs me down;

Let me carry my royalty disguised as your touch,the kingdom somehow shatters my naivety;

Let me walk in the path full of laughter and coherence,for the tiresome tasks end up being like impostor;

Let you be my crown as light as  feather,for the heaviness of the diamonds is like the entire earth resting on your melliflous,amiable girl,inexplicable at times..

I do not aim to protect others as my strongness lies in you, for my soul is yours till eternity,your kiss and your grace makes me bloom like a bewitching moonlit;

So let me walk in the aisle of capturing buildings and walls of love,build by us..for us and make me entrap there as your queen.




37 thoughts on “As your Queen.

        1. And that implies?No sir,with all due respect I never ever hit like without reading any of the posts.Infact i have a post which states the same thing you are talking about.I am a fast reader perhaps that gives you doubts,but for sure I read all your posts and if I enjoy it,I hit like as I know how it feels.

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          1. It never implied anything beautiful Soul…. I am not in any position on the journey ever where I can say I implement something on someone ever.. ☺…. In fact I am very sorry if my words made you think otherwise. I never ever said that you or someone don’t read a post, I only wanted to let you know I do read all what you post indeed….. And I am sorry if my ego came out and wanted to let you and others that I read post to make myself be thought as great, sorry for the ego. I am not that great still and never will want to who doubts other…. I infact cannot doubt anyone because on the journey of life I have learnt that only when we doubt ourselves we doubt others (thanks to my Soul Mate for teaching me that when we doubt we can lose a lovely love story too)… I myself read fast and sometimes have no words thus move on…. I trust everyone because on the journey of life I learned if we trust ourselves then may what others give us (tears or smiles accept it thinking it is what I deserve)……
            Sorry once again if my words in last comment made you feel otherwise and hurt your feelings.
            And thank you for writing what you felt and wanted to say….. It shows you love yourself and know your own worth (this lesson I very recently learned – if we don’t respect ourselves and value our own worth the world around will also not see our true worth, thanks again to my lost Soul Mate)
            NAMASTE 🙏

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            1. It’s completely okay Pawan,as sometimes miscommunications can happen.I know you din’t perhapt mean anything rude or bad and I myself want to keep it simple.I justcwush to say I read your posts too vividly and do not mean any harm at all.
              I am sure neither do you.Everything is sorted here,thanks again for replying back.I appreciate that.
              Peace out.

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              1. There always was peace because two souls were communicating… No way there was any misunderstanding… It was just that vibes didn’t connect thus we needed to sort out by words.
                NAMASTE 🙏


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