The smoke..

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The heaviness of this unconsious mind,how uncertain and unreal,it seems.It feels as if my limits are expanding,extolling in the zenith of mesmerizing thousand thoughts.You,my dear life wish to stop me from spreading in the minds of scanty ones?Try my power,try my will..the smoke in me shall speak its chill,for my heart is valiant,my intentions are bubblegum sweet,you want to capture me?”No”,to which my smile speaks.

I am the smoke,in me,if you want to capture my bliss,I ponder on that as my will is as free as a bird,yet I live with my head held high.Tough it sounds?Then take my word,for you life, are only a hand and not the ashes or the smoke.I am the power,the colossal resolute spark with the spirit still untested…patience undefined!

You may entwine me in your web,but the aftermath is beyond your expectations to taste, as I am a warrior and a queen of my fragile thoughts,you can never beat me as I may have befuddled you too in ways uncountable.


Unsaid words..

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Hello dear readers!

Life is so unpredictable yet random some times,things have become so different now for me,sometimes its really hard to hold my self and motivate my inner mirth,each day and each night,there is some pinch of loneliness,I don’t know exactly what emotion is that now.I know,this phase will also pass out..guess what?I thought this days back also..months back too,still I am here rambling crazy words,perhaps!Also to be honest,I got bored with my same style of typing through my blog but not with my poems.Funny thing is,I wasn’t even a poet till now,I only wrote poems occasionally and more of lifestyle articles,but as I said is unpredictable and here I am updating all the heaviness though my so called”intense,heavy poems”by many readers.Glad I’ve reached at this junction that people actually read my poems and appreciate to a strong level of satisfaction.Well coming back to my rambling..I was just shutting my eyes off when I thought why people on this planet have to be insensitive while talking to the next person?Because they were vexatious due to some stuff?Or agitated?Allright that can happen!But what when insensitive souls crush the sensitive one’s?Really I am not making sense perhaps,but the state of mind is furore only..maybe I need some days off from reality as its utter debacle!Maybe I need some more close relation with nature,because it always saves me,or a cup of hot coffee,perhaps..I need something at least as I am unsatisfied..

^^still unsatisfied^^What do I want?Jeez!

So I died..

Image result for broken love paintingsThe fragility of my heart was kissed by you,

when the world abandoned,you picked me up like the autumn leaf ,

rejuvenated,healed,embraced it;

The veins of my insipid heart caught your eyes on and so you adored it;

the palace we built,the garden we visited was just the beginning of the rainbow we wished;

but the reality happened;



the leaf had blown with the wind, and so I died..




Sunshine Blogger Award!

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I really couldn’t feel much more elevated as I am right this very  moment.This is my second Sunshine blogger award which has been bestowed upon me by two wonderful bloggers and Thankyou so much for considering me any worth of this award aka my oscar as I tend to say,Lol.

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So here is a slight modification that I did,as I have been nominated by two of the bloggers I will answer only first 5 questions asked by each of them.Hope my li’l modification wont do much harm.Peace out!

Questions asked by Prashant-

1-What inspired you to initiate blogging?

My thoughts,the unheard words that went chaotic inside my mind.

2-What is the craziest experience of your life?


3-What kind of blogs do you generally enjoy reading and why?

My mind is always inclined a bit towards the life realities,with a blend of poetry and all emotions wrapped up so deeply that my mind enjoys to unravel it.

4-Name an animal you can relate with yourself and why?

A lioness definitely!(secret)

5-Name a movie you liked from the adaptions of book?

Well it’s a tough call actually but I would go with Pride and Prejudice.


1-Do you believe in love at first sight?

A big YES.

2-The best place you have visited?

I would say Jaipur.Somehow the ethnicity of that city enchants me so vividly which is hard to describe.

3-Are you an emotional person?

AHEMMM..YES! I feel like at this particular age I am the most emotional,sensitive person alive on Planet Earth perhaps for my heart melts like so the glacier if heated.

4-What’s your interpretation of being in love?

Hmm..The question of love again?I see..So as I am already in a relationship from past 8 years,my interpretations of love and this pious bond has developed ever since.It’s so much beyond the for me my love is my soothing balm,a soulmate Indeed!

5-Do you like reading novels?If yes,then of what genres?

Oh I love everything about books..novels are in my veins perhaps.Fiction and mystery is my cup of tea.


With that I’ve finished my 10 questions that I hope you all liked and yeah now the turn to nominate others come

That’s all guys!Thankyou!!!!!



My Sweet Home.

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Oh!how I used to wait for my love,with a bottle of wine and bunch of red roses;

The thought of togetherness,my only mode of rescue,your peace of mind;

All my troubles vanished,once my heart kissed your heart,oh!how beautiful heaven clicked my mind;

Tears became tiny pearl like droplets,tattered lips blossomed like rose;

Once you entered,magic occurred,tempting is your arms..oh so strong!

I ran swiftly to your charm,as you opened your arm;

My mind would go haywire just to hug you with fire;

You became my man,my only dream..and now you are my undying vigorous home;

A place where rumbling of our love could be heard each day even by the zenith sky.



All I ask..

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Sitting alone,murmuring to my own self,

loneliness floating in my downcast eye,

I want a soul to listen how my heart beats,

dreary world has made me gruesome,no love today to be found,

happiness gone,conscious wrong,sullen body,dead already;

Once jolly now at folly,shallowness is my inhabitant as I see;

Expectations I get,am I bad?constant twirling exists within;

All I ask,don’t know what?clear as sky it can be seen!

come close to me,electrify the charm more in me,

promise,I am indeed the one you want,treasures I have,okay, nurture it now;

then see,the bubbles I shall produce,rainbow,roses,I shall give,so stimulate my senses;

Thrill me more,revive my soul,adore my eyes then repeat the steps again,

Live inside me for now,just once,exhilarate my desires to the horizon.

That is all I ask..



In the memory of your open arms,promising ebb I was consumed there seeing my most precious life entirely in your eyes;

Something tranquillising I saw in your words,that infinite miles once dark to me,now bright to me,you consumed me;

The gaze of your eyes,uttered millions of promises,said I was your princess;

Serenity,solace I found there,you took me like a new-born baby,delicate you made me;

The long hours of waiting for you seems blessing,captivating,mesmerizing and consuming.

My inner peace got restored,humility connected,your love hugged the sorrow in my eyes,it seemed so charming the way you maintained me and that to me consumed me!

My companion once again..

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The delicacy of this face is embossed by heavy markings of tear,without any fear;

The sole loneliness has given the perfect winter chills already,as no woven blanket comforts the cold wave felt in;

The pain becomes my new guest,so stubborn and refractory,as if it wishes to be my companion once again;

Thorns inflict pain,true they say it, as I was the fool never to admit it.