Sunshine Blogger Award!

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I really couldn’t feel much more elevated as I am right this very  moment.This is my second Sunshine blogger award which has been bestowed upon me by two wonderful bloggers and Thankyou so much for considering me any worth of this award aka my oscar as I tend to say,Lol.

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So here is a slight modification that I did,as I have been nominated by two of the bloggers I will answer only first 5 questions asked by each of them.Hope my li’l modification wont do much harm.Peace out!

Questions asked by Prashant-

1-What inspired you to initiate blogging?

My thoughts,the unheard words that went chaotic inside my mind.

2-What is the craziest experience of your life?


3-What kind of blogs do you generally enjoy reading and why?

My mind is always inclined a bit towards the life realities,with a blend of poetry and all emotions wrapped up so deeply that my mind enjoys to unravel it.

4-Name an animal you can relate with yourself and why?

A lioness definitely!(secret)

5-Name a movie you liked from the adaptions of book?

Well it’s a tough call actually but I would go with Pride and Prejudice.


1-Do you believe in love at first sight?

A big YES.

2-The best place you have visited?

I would say Jaipur.Somehow the ethnicity of that city enchants me so vividly which is hard to describe.

3-Are you an emotional person?

AHEMMM..YES! I feel like at this particular age I am the most emotional,sensitive person alive on Planet Earth perhaps for my heart melts like so the glacier if heated.

4-What’s your interpretation of being in love?

Hmm..The question of love again?I see..So as I am already in a relationship from past 8 years,my interpretations of love and this pious bond has developed ever since.It’s so much beyond the for me my love is my soothing balm,a soulmate Indeed!

5-Do you like reading novels?If yes,then of what genres?

Oh I love everything about books..novels are in my veins perhaps.Fiction and mystery is my cup of tea.


With that I’ve finished my 10 questions that I hope you all liked and yeah now the turn to nominate others come

That’s all guys!Thankyou!!!!!




55 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!

          1. That’s so sweet of you to say so… 😊😊
            I adore you poems, as always…
            Remember when one day I asked you how you write so good, you said: with time, you’ll yourself write good…
            Haha, I don’t know when that time will come… 😂
            But you write awesome! 😊😊

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  1. Congrats for ur nomination. Happy to read ur answers. Same pinch for ur likeness for Lion and for Pride & Prejudice 🙂 Thank you so much for ur nomination. I have already done last month with the SunShine Blogger award nomination, so won’t be doing it. Thank you so much for being kind enough to me 🙂 Happy Blogging dear 🙂

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  2. Dear Vailant! Congratulations! You more than enyone deserve this award! We have so many touching points despite of age differences! I posted on Amazon a novel called The Sodier’s Fortune. It’s a love story of American marine, who grew up in Bozeman and left for military service in Afghanistan. There he fell in love with an Afghani girl Aisha. It would be the great honor for me if you read this book and leave your review. If you are interested in I could send you free copy to your email. My email:


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