So I died..

Image result for broken love paintingsThe fragility of my heart was kissed by you,

when the world abandoned,you picked me up like the autumn leaf ,

rejuvenated,healed,embraced it;

The veins of my insipid heart caught your eyes on and so you adored it;

the palace we built,the garden we visited was just the beginning of the rainbow we wished;

but the reality happened;



the leaf had blown with the wind, and so I died..





49 thoughts on “So I died..

  1. Reads like, back to the beginning… He didn’t do it for you, hey? The image reminds me of a line in “The Butcher’s Wife” where the soap heroine shoots “uncle Chauncey” and she stands there saying, “Oh, why does everything I love die?” and the older gals watching the soap say, “It’s the gun, sweetheart.” Yes, it’s the gun. But it can be a good answer; definitely a final solution. Love: a powerful and in some people, a dangerous aphrodisiac whose withdrawals can be more than they can handle. All that to say I like your poem. 🙂

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  2. You meant some much more in so little words. The depth, the emotions that the words concealed was far too greater than can be acknowledged. True love makes and breaks you… I’ve always found that ironic and strange. ❤ ❤

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  3. love is the most powerful thing because it holds emotion. the emotion is so intense that it can bring revolution or can impossible possible. it is blind. love is power. very beautifully written. creative. there are some who misutilise it.

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