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Your fault..

Impeccable we behave,ignorant we remain and still we never fail to put our index fingers to others.We fail,we regret our past decisions,always remaining gullible to accept the changes,yet we never fail to accuse others of their doings.Imperfection is in our blood,we are supposed to make wrong choices so will that not make you intrepid for future more?Beningn hearts may forgive someones deeds and what about others?I see this world getting darker and blacker as each day passes by,no peace instills the heart of those who survive and live here!And the simplest reason is the vicious game of “blame game”.Somewhere or the other we don’t forget to raise our voice and fingers onto others,and that my dear ones somehow makes us shallow rather them.The surreal truth to win others heart if continued like this will always be hard dream to attain,somewhat like attaining peace and stay on the horns of dilemma about the method to do it!I feel,something is wrong not with others,but with us..something is always holding us tightly and holding us back to adore the other beauties of the opposite sex.Sometimes situations makes us so weak and dependable,we tend to forget what our real course of action should actually be thus comes the butter like smooth part of blaming others or babbling about all the random musings which might have been our sole mistakes.

“We can never control what we may become tomorrow,but we can always control what we may say the next moment”

The one’s who feel are flawless are no human.We will always continue to make bad and really vapid acts and decisions,but we need to let go and accept what other bright chances we can have.Blaming others is like stealing our own drops of peace and ruining all the beautiful desires that could have been alluring like rainbow,so from this moment I choose to forgive and never regret what actually has happened!I will live in today,decorate my heart with the charm my mind possess and spread all the glorious smiles I can..

What do you choose?

Last night.

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I woke up today lost to the darkness in the room,curtains draped,lights out..I tried collecting my senses and sat on my cluttered bedsheet,time on my alarm clock peeped 10;50 a.m,I gasped a deep breath casting my mind back to what change of events occurred since last night.I assumed it to be a nightmare or a fantasy?Something reckons the chord of my heart screaming the voices from the past night,maybe I was insane enough to get drunk and lost in the middle of nowhere?Who gave me a shoulder to my room?My fantasy?I managed to reach my cupboard full of medicines and stuff related and instantly without mesmerizing the deleterious sides,I popped a pill and sat on the couch of my living room,where the sunshine made its gorgeous way dancing the happy tunes it generated.Minutes passed by and then some hours,the random pieces from the last night knocked  my mind eventually..there was a couple dressed so impeccably handsome,with gold decorated jewelery pieces who spoke only the good about their host,then there was a lady sitting on the corner chair,where less crowd followed her maybe an extensive celebrity she was who tried to concentrate only on her broken shoe,All the worldly people seem like a bizarre now,duality they showed can be chuckled now.I remember an old lady trying to captivate me through her cajole talks,consisting hypocrisy..who adored the beauty of my earings even though I lost one.Such a festivity it was.I showed up there as my dear friend asked me to be part of her celebration,little had I known I would have to pass so many acquaintances prior.Powerless I remain,unknown to the variety of faces,emotion last night gave!I now recollect,I never went to the drinking zone..god forbids my hand if I.The heaviness my mind held all this time still remain unanswerable,incongruous my blood flows..what in mother’s name made my stamina a lean twig?No alcohol.or perhaps the duality and the mask of human rancour,drifted my wholeness,making me shallow.

P.S-A work of fiction.

Just You.

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Like a candle I burn;

Like a bedsheet my mind folds;

The subtle longiness has extinguished,and a fire of lust has originated.

Come,kill my body;

make me moan,yes I will say your name;

Inflict your kiss onto my naval,then repeat the steps till I am unconscious;

Cuddle me tomorrow,kiss me today,for my body aches your touch this day.

So,breathe on me and give me all of you,blow your love till the night exists..





Unspoken Hate.

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Today,a new flower has risen from the watering of the past;

a new soul is satisfied from the mollification of yesterday;

I am like an umbrella,maybe unable to halt the rains,

yet confident enough to stand in the rain.

So,come and make me numb.For my silence will mutilate your heart;

to the parts your own soul will cry for hell to hug you hard.


No complains.

I remember vividly,how the entire world was in my lap’s as you pronounced your love for me.The zenith of the mountains felt attainable at once and my adrenaline was high.I took your ring and accepted your kiss,in fact I innocently kissed you back just to proclaim my heart is quintessentially yours in a sturdy way,all safe.And it was all protected as expected.After all these years,I’ve nagged a lot about our bond,perhaps your talks were not aligned with my thoughts or your way of expressing got questionable and I thought my relation with you is not impeccable.

At this juncture,I deny all my claims.You are my interior half,or the divine monsoon that still blooms my heart after all the dryness.You still are the same charm who makes everything fall right in the place without even being imperious about it.Watching all the glimmering stars at night appears a bliss to my this heart.Even after all the shades of darkness I have gone though,you were my constant..never complained of my heart as you knew your other half can never be wrong.

We have grown together,been together,watched all the colours of our life whether precious or mundane all together.Still we hate a couple of things about each another yet we don’t complain.I see you as my sole protector,the foundation that made me constructive.You shared your beautiful ideas to enhance my instinct,how you calmed my nerves even seeing me at my worst is the best of all.Yes we are a team,for my composure for you is like the soothing balm as you essayed.Yes,we’ve troubles and the most violent fights,but we never give up on each another,for I trust my decision of choosing a veracious soul like yours.

We cuddle like the cutest pair of animals or even get wild like the wild breeze that shakes all the green fields proclaiming its dominance.We’re  a fire,a spark when the world curbs our dream.We have each other,no judgements matter,no complaints we persist for we are forever.

P.S -Dedicated to my love.


A welcoming note-The Winters!

Hola my dear readers!

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So finally after a long wait,the year of happiness and comfort is here.The charm of winters,coziness all the insufficient warmth are the stuff to rave about.The thing with me is I feel extremely cold in the winters yet winters is my favourite of all the seasons.The darkness,the fog,the exquisite touch of comfort and laziness are beyond the walls of appreciation,it somehow makes me go in the divine era,weird?Not for me.

The chill speaks so much to me and the sunshine,the long hours of imbibing the sunrays after the chill,the hot coco,coffee and my favourite book to go,life is so happy just this way!I could literally take in a lot of deep,intense thoughts during my hours in the sunshine..just sitting and getting lost..

Today was one such day,I welcomed Winters by preparing myself a simple,amazing hot Choco mug cake which apparently turned out awesome and I enjoyed it to the bits while watching a good flick.Afterall sundays have to be productive,right?lol.



For the places,I remain wanderlust.

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How beautiful it could be to dive into the depth of lost air,with loose hair and no fear.With blood gushing rapidly in the body,adventures where becomes my sole dream of life,no I do not wish to sit at one place and accept what comes gladly to my lap.I am a wanderer,a wanderlust..the sound of rattling leaves,the music of air,the voice of sky speaks my ultimate mind.

My heart provokes my mind to wander more and when tired look into the mirror for something that vital like a missing substance from my body,that I begin my journey once again!No I have no fixed plans,still I want to loosen my braids,with serenity as my guide and wildness inside.To breathe the non-toxic air,to drink the sweetest of water,here I declare the war inside and its aim to find the lost tranquility.

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