Your fault..

Impeccable we behave,ignorant we remain and still we never fail to put our index fingers to others.We fail,we regret our past decisions,always remaining gullible to accept the changes,yet we never fail to accuse others of their doings.Imperfection is in our blood,we are supposed to make wrong choices so will that not make you intrepid for future more?Beningn hearts may forgive someones deeds and what about others?I see this world getting darker and blacker as each day passes by,no peace instills the heart of those who survive and live here!And the simplest reason is the vicious game of “blame game”.Somewhere or the other we don’t forget to raise our voice and fingers onto others,and that my dear ones somehow makes us shallow rather them.The surreal truth to win others heart if continued like this will always be hard dream to attain,somewhat like attaining peace and stay on the horns of dilemma about the method to do it!I feel,something is wrong not with others,but with us..something is always holding us tightly and holding us back to adore the other beauties of the opposite sex.Sometimes situations makes us so weak and dependable,we tend to forget what our real course of action should actually be thus comes the butter like smooth part of blaming others or babbling about all the random musings which might have been our sole mistakes.

“We can never control what we may become tomorrow,but we can always control what we may say the next moment”

The one’s who feel are flawless are no human.We will always continue to make bad and really vapid acts and decisions,but we need to let go and accept what other bright chances we can have.Blaming others is like stealing our own drops of peace and ruining all the beautiful desires that could have been alluring like rainbow,so from this moment I choose to forgive and never regret what actually has happened!I will live in today,decorate my heart with the charm my mind possess and spread all the glorious smiles I can..

What do you choose?


39 thoughts on “Your fault..

  1. I agree with you completely! We don’t delay in pointing fingers at others before looking into ourselves for faults. I have a very short temper and I myself make this mistake several times. I’m working on it…
    But I’ll also take this opportunity to apologize to all those I have wrongly pointed fingers at! Thanks for giving me this opportunity 🙂

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  2. Sometimes, there is no one to blame or to be blamed for. We do our best to create peace & spread love instead of the opposite. But it is important to admit our own fault, accept it, learn from it & move on. Ego in forgiving is worse than ego in admitting. For so many years, liberty is the hardest to attain. Thank you for sharing! Keep writing!

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  3. I know I missed lot of your recent posts. But here I am trying to catch up. 😉
    This post is wonderfully written. 🙂
    I also choose neither to lament on my own past, not blaming others for theirs. I choose to learn and move forward and let others do the same.

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