The night my Necklace broke..

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The petals of this rose are shaken,rigidly and vigorously;

Your lips kissed my soft corners,on repeat with a constant fierce essence of intoxication;

Astounding your blow of touch is,like the fresh rains;

The mirth my body feels is like the unshaken pile of rocks;

My body smells all of you,wrapped inside me, unimpaired,like the match of  wild souls.

My naval becomes more dominant with one perfect bite of yours;

And as you propel towards my neck,my body meet its oblivion joy;

With the vehement touch of yours,my necklace broke,with the shattered pearls all around;

on white bedsheet ,distinctive they look..depicting or flaming love,destroyed in you.



46 thoughts on “The night my Necklace broke..

  1. If I see the meaning of your simple words they are beautiful . When I feel the emotions behind the words they take me different realm of ecstasy. Your poems are more than words. They are alive vibration that can tune into at certain frequency. I am addicted to them like intoxicants they give me high.

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      1. Well I somehow missed it these many days…. And am sorry for that.

        I really mean my words.

        About the poem… Mind blowing simply beautiful and yes deep dark passionate sexy poem penned by a beautiful lovely passionate Soul

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