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Invincible Forever.

Related imageTogether,we shall kiss the memory of grinning thoughts,

with you and me in it,

Don’t quit on me,for I romance with your images,

concealed clandestine,

in my heart.

Off the shore we shall go,and then I shall enunciate the butterflies you gave,

so hold on my love,for my heart needs enough of your sacred touch,

to make me instill with your pouring love,


Kiss the love bubble.

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The knives of the past have been sharp enough to give me bruises,so vindictive that a hole remains today even,untouched and unloved.I walk forward to kiss the sky,however I see myself still struggling leaving the ground for my feet are fixed,settled permanently as if.

I need the air,fresh or stale..who cares?I want to breathe like nothing shall kill me more.The charisma in me is ho heroic,oh yes I know that part when I am a valiant like lioness,then I tell myself I need not anyone to comfort my bruises..whom am I kidding?Even a tiny droplet needs that sparkling vibrant leaf to accentuate its beauty..I am just a human,who has fallen alone,stood alone,and then walked alone..yes I want to kiss the love bubbles,yes I want that bubble to hug my sorrows so firmly that neither the sky nor the earth could stop my zeal.

I want to let go that brutal past,I want to kiss my inner-self,I want to start feeling my emotions,enough with the dark numb like phase,I want to rise..I shall rise for my limits are unknown.

I shall unveil all the hidden smashing truths that have been hidden in that dark pitch.Enough with the cuts and thorns for I allow my soul to touch the happiness I deserve,I know I shall..I know I will.

P.S -Dedicated to all those who find it hard to let go that heinous past,for you know you are capable of much more amazing things in life.

Get up,wear a smile and hug yourself.

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“The travesty of soul” pre-order available.

Hi guys!I know it has been long since I touched the keys of my laptop and spoke my mind to you lovely people,but finally my first debutant poetry book is available now for pre order.The book shall release on different online platforms on its release date i.e 10th of feb,2017.

Hope you people look forward to read some poetry.

So,go pre-order it.

The colours of your Love..

"Your Presence ignites the fire in my soul & the passion in my body so exquisitely that I can feel my existence beyond dimensions & parameters. I know deep inside me that we will always be strong together & I will be with you forever." ~ Written by Aarti Khurana ♥♥ Beautiful Artwork ~ Artist Unknown:

Pick up the long brush and dip it into the red colour,then stroke my body with the same..dip it again in that heavy paint..colour my waist till the moonlit drops and the anew morning knocks the door.Take me in you,again and again..hold me hard so that my heartbeat stops,let me feel my oblivion as I breathe hard,now arrest me in your thoughts.The dimensions does not concludes at this level as I am still awake so take me back again there,make me free..make me wild.The touch of your hands on my back is like the strong fire that ignites my future wisdom,so show me your colour depth!Don’t stop thumping my mind..don’t stop making me wild.Hold your brush more tightly and colour my body once again.This zone where I have been has suffocated me since then, the brim of my love extinguished and got lost,so make them discover for the new delights all over my body,then we could luxuriate together.Take me to the wildest world,where our desires can could sparks and the nights shall be bright.Show me your colour..the deep passionate one,and fill me with that till I break.


How superstitious are you?

Hola,my dear readers!

I must have rambled enough with my poetic genre,I know..well that’s me and you can’t blame me for that..because,well..hello,I am a bloody poet and what else do you expect?When I started with my this blog around 6 months back..I remember I wanted to cover everything about my everyday articles that fascinate me,but thanks to the WordPress..I realised how much I enjoy poetry,aaahhhh…so much peace in there I found.


So,without further roundabout,let’s dig into the topic that I want to speak.

Superstition,is something that always amazes me.The much I jump into the theory of stars,numbers, the more I’m inclined towards the reality of all sorts of feng-shuis.I personally have a desire and depth for it.The genuine,scientific theories if can be given behind every omen or astrology I guess I would pay attention to it at the drop of the hat.In India,specially,omens and religious beliefs are quiet familiar.It’s like the other synonym for our country,well..of course it may be true or untrue.Can you judge that?

The Simpsons homer simpson episode 5 season 11 leave

Superstition is not exactly being irrational or one being a chicken only if it’s coupled by some traces of reasoning,well that’s only my personal belief.For some it might be a thing for the losers,or for some its a secondary thing to blame when we fail to achieve our goal.But do you believe my notion of completely brushing aside from the facts?

For eg.A cat crosses your path.Now,If you are all the way headed towards your sweet destination in all jolly mood,you perhaps won’t consider even giving a glance to it.I,myself would drive my car in such an instance,reason there a scientific fact behind it?

Still,I never ignore the big word.As there is something about it,much deeper and intriguing.

What’s your take about all the theories related to superstition?Don’t forget to drop in your views as they might fetch you some new followers..wait a minute was that….?oh yes..a superstition!!(unrealistic one).


Eternal Daydream

I desire to kiss the sunshine close from my heart,

enough with the obnoxious smiles,shallow I have been,

To  kindle the mirth of dewdrops,is what I see;

To sink my heart in the pure,weightless air,

to flatter my heart with the precious things,

my  aim lies life seems simple,

all I need is the eternal  benign hope from within.

Pablo Neruda-The greatest of all.

Hola to you all!

This post is going to be all about my love and respect for the chilean writer Pablo Neruda,a poet-diplomat and a politician.His work is divine,religious for me.The translations are so much intense and intriguing for a poet like me.My inspiration for seeking life,love is inspired from this man.His pen wrote all the mysteries in an artistic way that provokes all the happiness,self-actualization in brevity.Words become holy,if it is him.Image result for pablo neruda

I aim to cherish his work till eternity.If you doubt on me,dear readers..see for your own eyes then.

Image result for pablo neruda poemsImage result for pablo neruda poems

Image result for pablo neruda poems

If I could be a trace of his work,I for once I could have a glance for his entire universe shall be cherished like a candle producing light.

Thankyou Mr.Neruda.You shall be always respected.