How superstitious are you?

Hola,my dear readers!

I must have rambled enough with my poetic genre,I know..well that’s me and you can’t blame me for that..because,well..hello,I am a bloody poet and what else do you expect?When I started with my this blog around 6 months back..I remember I wanted to cover everything about my everyday articles that fascinate me,but thanks to the WordPress..I realised how much I enjoy poetry,aaahhhh…so much peace in there I found.


So,without further roundabout,let’s dig into the topic that I want to speak.

Superstition,is something that always amazes me.The much I jump into the theory of stars,numbers, the more I’m inclined towards the reality of all sorts of feng-shuis.I personally have a desire and depth for it.The genuine,scientific theories if can be given behind every omen or astrology I guess I would pay attention to it at the drop of the hat.In India,specially,omens and religious beliefs are quiet familiar.It’s like the other synonym for our country,well..of course it may be true or untrue.Can you judge that?

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Superstition is not exactly being irrational or one being a chicken only if it’s coupled by some traces of reasoning,well that’s only my personal belief.For some it might be a thing for the losers,or for some its a secondary thing to blame when we fail to achieve our goal.But do you believe my notion of completely brushing aside from the facts?

For eg.A cat crosses your path.Now,If you are all the way headed towards your sweet destination in all jolly mood,you perhaps won’t consider even giving a glance to it.I,myself would drive my car in such an instance,reason there a scientific fact behind it?

Still,I never ignore the big word.As there is something about it,much deeper and intriguing.

What’s your take about all the theories related to superstition?Don’t forget to drop in your views as they might fetch you some new followers..wait a minute was that….?oh yes..a superstition!!(unrealistic one).



29 thoughts on “How superstitious are you?

  1. Great post,

    If you convince yourself that is bad luck when black cat is cross your road, it will be a bad luck. If you really believe in that it’ll become true. When a doctor said to his patient that he or she will died after six months, in most cases it does manifest, because she or he convince himself in that fact, and the brain this idea just implemented.

    So,superstition is irrational for most people, but if you believe in that ,it can have a really big impact to you.

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    1. I quiet agree to your statement.Your add-on is insightful as things may happen only the way you seek it.It’s more about the aura we create in some way.I’m not a complete staunch beliver of superstition though.
      Thankyou for your valuable comment.

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      1. Well, I will get suspicious that I’ve accidentally left my stove on and need to check it like 4-5 times before I go out, or go to sleep, because I am afraid of Fire… oh, I’m sorry, I got superstitious mixed up with suspicious.. oops. I am sorry. Just woke up. Not thinking 🙃🙃🙃

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  2. Superstitions have been instilled into ur lives by generations of life and I find them quite enchanting and sometimes even scary. Although I don’t believe in them sometimes I just go along with it ‘just because’. hehe Call me scared cat but there’s just something about them… The airy feeling.

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  3. Our country is full of such superstitions for instance during my schooldays my mother used to fed a spoonful of sweet curd before any important mission(exams morever) as a token of sweet luck, i used to keep a blue handkerchief etc though soon i realised that these practices are worthless and good or bad results will happen as per our mindset…you cannot blame a cat for your bad day , i am using white handkerchief now and i performed well in college than my school exams without having sweet curd.Cutting the crap in short everything happens as per our mindset and its better to get believe in ourselves instead believing these age long fake things.
    Have a great day ahead!!

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  4. I loved the start and the ending. 😀
    Anyhow, superstitions, according to me, should stay at the level of being superstitions only. But we tend to give them much more importance, and end up making them our reality. I hardly believe in them due to the lack of scientific evidences behind.
    I mean the black cat was just going down its way, it had not idea that her path would lead us cancelling our own journey. After all, it’s just a cat. 😀

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  5. I’m pretty sure if you sit in a pumpkin patch on Halloween Eve and truly you’ll see the Great Pumpkin. (Per Charlie Brown.) I confirmed this on Wikipedia.

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  6. Lol I used to be a superstitious kid but I had to take a grip and change myself. Now it’s limited to not cutting down my nails after evening and the cat one, though sometimes I’m so lazy that I pretend like it didn’t just cross my path and keep going ahead!
    I don’t know how I feel about them, a bit is fine. Shows you care about something and want it to be perfect but that should be it. You can’t let it get out of hand or it becomes bad.

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  7. Well, it think, personally the reason they are called superstition and not a fact is that they have no science to back them up. But it is fine, you know, till the extent its harmless, contained to oneself… like when some people prefer wearing an item of ‘luck’. Nevertheless, the less superstition in a community, the faster it progresses, I believe.

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