Unshakeable lust..

Image result for lust paintings

The bedroom still smells of you,my bedsheet lies wet still from the last night;

My neck has the marks of your roar adorned graciously;

The aroma is still of you,in my blood..in my senses.

So I crave the more of you,I crave the more of that bites.

The lust remains steadfast still,the bedsheet remains filthy still.



33 thoughts on “Unshakeable lust..

  1. There’s much more to life than just sex. I wonder why are you so obsessed with this emotion alone. Just do it and write about something else too.
    Don’t get offended but life is a mix of emotions but yours is charged just by one mostly
    I wonder if you even feel hungry or sleepy or exhausted lol

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    1. Well,if you have read my posts religiously you would know that I do tslk about “other”emotions too!I have my partner and havent seen him since long,naturally my that emotion would be written somehow by me only.I talk about other emotions too dear and yes I write after eating and taking my beauty sleep.lol.
      Thing is i love to write about all the emotions.Romanticism is one of it!

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