A myth.


I could  see the war in you,I could feel the numbness in your eyes,

the distant talks were not satisfying,I could sense your berserk heart cry;

I could sense your valour lost,somewhere in the air..like a myth.

You told me new tales to mollify my own heart,but I knew I was only your myth

…your other half story.


13 thoughts on “A myth.

    1. Oh my god..it’s soo true..but there is no such thing as reality.because every thing passes like a dream..nothing stays..soo when nothing stays..how could it be real…live and die..for a second it seems real..but afterward it’s not..

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  1. It’s beautiful yet it is sad and haunting…I feel like tye guy is battling an inner dilemna that he would not want to share even to the one he loves…that’s what makes it sad..but the poem itself is beautiful piece. ☺

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