How hard is to be satisfied?

Okay,so if we have everything still we crave for something better,unsatified!If we score 99%,we crave for that 1%,unsatisfied.If we have all the apples of life,we still will compare our lives with others,whether we check instagram, soon as we see others making us feel bad by posting their happening lives,we become unsatisfied.Why?

Why this happens we can’t take elation in our own surroundings?Why post everything on social media like others?Is that the real way to show we are happy?We need to let peace kiss us,when it actually wants to.

We need to be satisfied in what we have,if it’s hard,we should practice it,till we excel in it.

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31 thoughts on “How hard is to be satisfied?

  1. The mind is continuously conditioned and taught to compare… From childhood many of us are taught life is a race and only those who are first will make great life… This one thing has taken many us away from the real self and we are far from the being we are. Thus we never stay in present, here and now and always are in past and more into future. This one conditioning and then starting to develop the belief system that the best survives has made us people who are never satisfied. This is all the political game of people around us and all are doing it as soon as a child is born….

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  2. So true and I’m glad to know others feel this way too! I have gotten in the habit of reminding myself, everyone looks happy in photos, but the moment before and after may be a whole different story. I love photos with a frowny child! It adds some truth and reality to the picture.😊 Dissatisfaction can be a real motivator, but we also NEED to practice appreciation as much as possible. Great post!

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  3. There are two could be a problem in the perfectionists, they can’t be without that one %. Secondly, the media influences..without realizing the media techniques, we are falling in their trap.. they program us in a way

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  4. So true! Most people have the need to get affirmation from social media- which I think isn’t healthy. Plus, not all that we see are the real deal. I’m sure there’s always more than meets the eye. 🙂

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