When night is my soulmate.

What would we do if we were alone together? I do miss you.... All the time..:
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The sky has some ravishing tales to tell at night,the striking beauty seems so vivid to speak of its victorious solace perhaps;

The cool breeze teaches me to be patient as I mirror myself above the high sky,the magic and the delight to observe each sparkling star makes me feel fly;

My thoughts unravel in this frame of midnight,as if this composure will soothe all my bones and carry me to a place that is so buoyant,

I can walk in this calmness for long hours or could sit and wonder of all my powers,my love is passionate and deeply rooted for my honor;

I wish once,the great moon or the stars could come to me and offer me a kiss of fidelity,merry my heart will sing,ending to all the incongruous suffering.

Oh,yes make me your bride or lover,I shall be lost in you forever,there is something so charismatic about your night sight,I promise to be by your glorious side;

The marks of pain on my body shall be cleansed by your joyous love,teach me the lessons of life and detox me from this-worldly torment.

Be my light,be my guide..fill me with all the pride.Speak winds to me,giggle rain to me,ask the night to accompany me,so that my upcoming nights are dear to me!


42 thoughts on “When night is my soulmate.

      1. 😊
        Whenever I write poetry, it is convinced directly. I really don’t know how to play with words. I mean, my words don’t contain so much meaning as yours.
        You write really wonderful and I am pretty sure that this feeling is not of jealousy but of happiness to learn from you. πŸ™‚

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        1. My dear friend,with time and experience the feelings ultimately get you and make you say the things in a different way as we call it joy of writing.I am sure with time you surely will get what I intend to say.Sometimes pain,sometimes happiness makes you write the extreme level of words or writings.I am sure you will be a great writer or a poet even,if you write from heart.
          There is no question of jealously friend,as I am more than happy to be of any help.:)

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      2. You write really wonderful.
        I mean, whenever I try to write poetry, my words directly convince this message. Your choice of word is really meaningful.
        I am pretty sure that this feeling is not of jealousy but of happiness to learn from other who are better.
        You know,
        Work hard until your idols become your rivals.

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  1. Someone within the WP community is always taking emotions from my soul and writing them out for me too see. Someone is watching me or, has keys to places in my heart I’m slowly revealing. Unfair being read like a book yet glad because they know what I’m feeling even when I can’t write it. .

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